November Daily

I just thought about this project that I did last November, and I thought I would share it!  I cannot believe it’s been a year since I did ‘a month in the life’ album!  
Last November, I decided to record the events of the month in this cute journal I got at Barnes & Noble.  I decorated the cover, and then added notebook papers and pictures of the month as it went along.  

I printed out a calendar and wrote down my work schedule for the month and other important dates, like Thanksgiving and my birthday.  I also had a page with the weather and what I had for dinner each night.

I wrote down 2-4 sentences in the evening every day, explaining what I did that day and where I went.  I also had a page of important news events.

I printed out pictures of different newspaper front pages, and a picture of the Thanksgiving Day ads.  I also included lots of pictures from during the month.

It was a fun project…. but if you’re going to do a project like this, you have to stay on top of it every day, because time slips away very easily!  Don’t make it a chore, but make it a habit.
It’s fun to look back at, even just a year later…. so I imagine in 5 years it will be even more cool to read and see what my life was like every day.
I’m contemplating doing this kind of project again soon….

Thanks for stopping by!


One response to “November Daily”

  1. Julie Tucker-Wolek Avatar
    Julie Tucker-Wolek

    This is GORGEOUS and such a great idea! LOVE it! :):):):):):):):):):):)


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