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So… I think I have #plannerpeace!!! I think about changing my system up a lot, but I always come back to The Happy Planner. Why? Everything I think I may want to switch up or change about the way I plan can be achieved with The Happy Planner. It’s time for me to stop trying to fix what’s not broken! 😂

Here’s my setup: I use the Classic Size Glam Girl Happy Planner, with mini colorful discs, inside a Webster’s Pages Composition Planner.

I like the Classic size, because it’s not too small, and it’s not huge. I love the Glam Girl style because it has lines. I have the stencil that The Happy Planner put out last year to create lines & checklists, but it’s so easy to use Glam Girl because the lines are there and ready for you to write.

I like using the mini rings because I can edit the pages I have in my planner down to the most important things I need. I don’t do well with a lot of fluff in my planner. I have 3 basic sections in my planner. First, is a section of notes and info I need to have at hand. Second are my decorated monthly and weekly pages. Third, I keep a small section for my blog and social media planning.

I adore using the Webster’s Pages Composition Planner (over the Deluxe Cover from The Happy Planner) because the size is slim and it’s aesthetically gorgeous to look at. I want to pick my planner up and use it. It has TONS of pockets, and yes, I use a lot of them to tuck pretty things from The Planner Society in, but if I needed to use them practically, I could.Planner Peace | Created by Jen BlogMy happy place.  🙂My Happy Place | Created by Jen BlogAre you a Happy Planner girl too??

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