Welcome Back to my Blog!

As I mentioned in my post from Easter, I am excited to get back into blogging, especially right now when so much is going on in our world. I want to bring a little distraction to all that news and get back into crafting and photographing and sharing it all. Created by Jen Blog

As a little re-introduction, I am Jen, and I have been a scrapbooker since 2006. I joined the online scrapbooking world in 2008, and I was so excited to find others like me who love photos and paper!

Created by Jen Blog

I started my decorative planning journey in 2015. Again, what a great community the planning community is as well! That’s what this blog is all about. I hope you enjoy your time here with me!

Created by Jen BlogMy happy place!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚Created by Jen Blogheart_jen



Visit my new blog!

It’s LIVE!!

I created a new blog, called With Grace and Feathers, because I’m starting a new chapter of my life, and my blog should reflect that. It’s not “done”, but it’s up & running, and please ignore any bugs. I’ve added several new posts there, so check it out if you would!  ๐Ÿ˜Š

{sneak peek}

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 6.11.56 PM

I have a new vision for my blog, but don’t worry, I’m leaving this one right here for future inspiration. I’ve been learning to leave my old “baggage” behind, and while blog posts may not be considered baggage to some, it’s best for me to start fresh after 10 years.

I hope you’ll join me in this new adventure and visit often!

Click here– With Grace and Feathers by Jen Manis


New York in Bloom Book

Hello there! Today I just wanted to share a gorgeous new book I purchased from Georgianna Lane. Her floral photography is I think my absolute favorite ever. I loved her Paris in Bloom book from 2017, and when I saw that a new book was coming out, I had to order it.ย  ๐Ÿ’žNew York in Bloom Book | Created by Jen BlogI bought it directly from her Etsy shop. She signed it, and it came with a couple photo goody extras. New York in Bloom Book | Created by Jen BlogIMG_0419Here’s a peek inside the book…IMG_0422It’s thoughtfully laid out and pure eye candy. It’s so inspiring and makes me want to get out and take all the flower pictures I can!New York in Bloom Book | Created by Jen BlogHere are the first two books in this series- London in Bloom is out next!IMG_0431IMG_0427Thanks for stopping by!heart_jen

A Peek at Valentine’s Day Decor

Today I wanted to share a little taste of Valentine’s Day decor around here. I love the reds & pinks this time of year. It’s really the last holiday with bold colors until fall comes back around. And, I can never get enough of hearts! ๐Ÿ’žValentine's Day Decor | Created by Jen BlogMy little prince, Maxx.IMG_9704And my Valentine princess, Athena. She just loves dressing up!Valentine's Day Decor | Created by Jen BlogLooks good enough to eat (but don’t because it’s not real!!).IMG_9773Bold pink baubles!Valentine's Day Decor | Created by Jen BlogThanks for stopping by today!heart_jen

Winter Craft Space

After the holidays, I always get in the mood to rearrange my craft space. I guess it’s because after all the Christmas decor is gone, I suddenly feel like I have tons of room! I also like to give everything a big cleaning. Here’s a look at some of my favorite spots in my room, along with a few new storage pieces.Winter Craft Space | Created by Jen BlogI found this cute eyelash pen holder at TJ Maxx. It’s perfect to display my Planner Society pens.Winter Craft Space | Created by Jen BlogSome Valentine washi peeking out…img_9654I also picked up this acrylic storage unit at TJ Maxx. It has four small drawers and two larger ones. It’s filled with Planner Society goodies, from patches to sticky notes to washi.img_9655img_9656Some rose gold accessories…Winter Craft Space | Created by Jen BlogHope you enjoyed this little tour!heart_jen