Happy December!

It’s hard to believe we’re so close to the end of 2021. I can’t believe it! It’s time to celebrate the holiday season and look back at all the good times and learning experiences of the year.

I’m so thankful for this planning/scrapbooking community. Bring creative is so important to me, and I’m thankful all of you come here and share those feelings!

How cute is this Central Park washi from Simply Gilded?! Love!!! 😍

Hello 2021!

Hello there! It’s been awhile, right? I’m still here. Just surviving! Still planning and creating too. ☺️

I thought I’d check in on here and start uploading some of my recent planner pages as well as some of my favorite recent photos. I’ve always loved Instagram for sharing, but as most of you probably know, the engagement is way down from where it was a few years ago. So, this is my space here, and I want to use it to share my stuff with you all!

Let’s get started. I am back in the Happy Planner world for 2021! This makes me so happy. I originally wanted to use my beautiful Pink Room Co. B6 rings for this year, but I had so much trouble trying to print inserts and there’s not a lot of pre-printed inserts that I loved, so this planner is just a notebook now. I got a Disney Minnie Mouse Happy Notes for my birthday in November, and I found an undated Gardening Happy Planner, and I put those together and I have created the most beautiful planner for myself! I haven’t loved a setup like this in so long.

I am so glad to be back here posting! My plan is to post a few times a week. Sometimes it might just be a planner spread, a photo or I might be in the mood to share a longer post. Thanks for being here!

Happy 2019!

Hello! Happy 2019! Sorry this post is a day late, but the New Year has been kind of crazy for me so far, and left me wore out, lol.

I just wanted to wish everyone a successful and peaceful start to the year. I always have grand plans for the New Year, and I’m determined to make this year everything I imagine it to be.Happy 2019 | Created by Jen Blogxo,heart_jen

A Look Back at 35


I’m almost ready to begin a new year, a new chapter in my life, so I thought I’d take a quick look back at the year of 35.

I learned a lot…A Look Back | Birthday Week | Created by Jen Blog

brought positive thinking and behavior into my everyday life…A Look Back | Birthday Week | Created by Jen Bloglost 20 pounds…

A Look Back | Birthday Week | Created by Jen Blog

got my scrapbooking groove back…A Look Back | Birthday Week | Created by Jen Bloggot my creative flow back…Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen Blog

I kept capturing everyday beauty…A Look Back | Birthday Week | Created by Jen BlogA Look Back | Birthday Week | Created by Jen BlogI just feel better about the future in general… let’s keep it going! Here I come 36!!

Thanks for stopping by today!