Bonus Weekly Spreads!

I mentioned on Saturday’s post that I was unsatisfied with this week’s planner spread. I think I just need a different style planner to keep me inspired these days. So… I made a couple other spreads to see if that is what the problem was. I really so enjoyed creating these spreads!

First is my Recollections hourly planner, which I have used every week faithfully, even though I don’t usually share it online. I never seem to tire of this format. I used a recent At Home With Quita spread as my inspiration for this layout. I want this kind of gorgeousness every single week in my planner!!Recollections Weekly SpreadIMG_2638IMG_2639IMG_2640Next, I created another Fauxbonichi spread in my Happy Planner Half Notes planner. It’s so much fun to create something from scratch. I used some Happy Planner Sugar & Spice stickers here. I think it turned out pretty. Fauxbonichi Weekly SpreadFauxbonichi Weekly SpreadIf you’re not happy with your current planner situation, keep creating until you are!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚heart_jen

Mini Happy Planner Weekly Spread | August 19-25

This week’s spread was inspired by the gorgeous yellow florals in the Mambi Botanical Sticker Book. I really can’t get enough of that sticker book! As August comes closer & closer to ending, I like to start embracing a little bit of a darker color palette, even though I’m #teampastel for life.

I do have a confession: I’m not totally into this spread. I don’t know why. I think I’m ready for a planner change- for real his time! I picked up the classic size HP dashboard layout extension pack recently, and I think it’s calling my name to start using it in September. Stay tuned!Mini Happy Planner Weekly SpreadMini Happy Planner Weekly SpreadMini Happy Planner Weekly SpreadMini Happy Planner Weekly SpreadMini Happy Planner Weekly Spreadheart_jen