Color Story #10

Hello! Happy Wednesday again. I love this week’s Color Story. I took this photo a couple years ago of our cherry tree in autumn. I love the rich, vibrant colors the leaves take on in the fall. Nature can be amazing! This palette has some cool combinations going on…I think it would make a fun color combination for a layout!!  🙂

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Color Story #9

Hello!! Happy last day of September!! I can’t believe it. This month was so beautiful, up until the past 3 or 4 days. What’s up with that? I guess mother nature is preparing us for what’s ahead…

Today’s Color Story represents the happier, more cheerful side of fall. This really is a happy palette. It makes me want to jump in a pile of leaves! I can’t wait until they start turning around here.

Thanks for stopping by! See you in October!  🙂