Craft Room Evolution

Hello! I thought it would be fun to walk down memory lane and share how my craft space has evolved over the past decade.

My crafty storage space actually began in a vintage trunk. I outgrew that very quickly. So then, I moved down to the basement, in around 2006. There was a table and desk down there, and I made my crafty home down there for about a year or two. Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen Blog

Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogI then had the brainy idea to turn our spare bedroom into a crafty paradise in 2008. I actually called it Scrap Land for several years. I used the same desk that was in the basement (and was my grandparents’). I remember I had a lot of fun shopping for new storage units. I have never stopped loving that.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogMy mom painted the desk white, and I still love it to this day. The trunk on the left of this photo is the one I started out with for my scrapbooking storage!Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogI loved having these paper racks!Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogThen, in 2010, we got new carpet all throughout the house. My hardwood floor wasn’t actually too bad looking. Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogHere’s a look after the very bright carpet was laid and my room was put back together.Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogI have switched up my desk and other things in my room over the years. It keeps the room fresh.Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogLast fall, we repainted most of the house and I had dreamed about having a brick wall in my space. I found the perfect wallpaper!Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogAnd, after the painting and papering were complete, my desk moved again- surprise!Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogI love my two big bookcases, and I have tried to pare down my collection of stuff so they look nice, and not just jam-packed, lol.Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogI added the small cabinet earlier this summer. It’s perfect for my small planners and photo albums.Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen BlogOne last look…this is how my room looks currently!Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen Blog

Craft Room Evolution | Created by Jen Blog

I love, love, love my space and I enjoy reworking it (often) to fit my current crafty obsessions.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my crafty space!

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Spring Scrapbooking Layouts

Hello!! You read the title right… I’ve been scrapbooking again! I tried to change up my format last year (to a TN), but my creative heart lies in a 12×12 format. I used to scrap sooo much before I became a full-time #plannergirl… and I’ve been feeling the itch to get back to some good old-fashioned scrapping! So, enjoy my fresh new layouts!

I took tons of photos for spring and Easter this year, so I scrapped a few of my favorite photos of my birdies. Most of the supplies are from my stash of Dear Lizzy and Paige Evans papers.

Spring Scrapbooking Layouts | JM Creates BlogSpring Scrapbooking Layouts | JM Creates BlogSpring Scrapbooking Layouts | JM Creates BlogIMG_4104Any other scrapbookers out there?

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My Current Happy Planner Setup | Frankenplanning!

Hello! Since we’ve successfully completed the first quarter of the year already(!), I thought it was time to show you how my daily planning system is working.

I’ve tweaked my Classic Happy Planner setup a lot, and it’s working for me! I always flirt with the idea of using a different system (TN, rings,etc.), but I ALWAYS come back to the Happy Planner.

Here’s a look at my current setup…

I recently traded out the pink metal discs for my trusty rose gold ones. Haven’t found the metal rose gold ones yet at Michaels…Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogWhen you open up my planner, the first thing you notice area Glam Girl envelope and some sticky notes.IMG_3636The first section is for important notes that I reference frequently. This is my cover page for that section- decked out in Planner Society paper and a puffy unicorn sticker from Michaels.Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogThen we move directly into my monthly and weekly planning.IMG_3638I keep 2-3 months worth of weeklies in my planner, and store the other months in another planner. I am using the Glam Girl lined weekly inserts.Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogThe next section is my faith planner.IMG_3641

Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates Blog

Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogThe Happy Planner stencil comes in handy for writing daily scriptures.Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogThe next section is the Trendsetter Happy Planner. I began the year with it, and then gave it up, and it’s back again! I am attempting to use it for blog, social media, and design project planner.Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates Blog

Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogThen, I have a small memory keeping section.Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogFinally, I keep my pretty Happy Planner blank note paper in the back, so it’s handy for when an idea strikes!IMG_3648I hope you enjoyed this look inside my Happy Planner! I’ll keep you updated on how it’s working for me!heart_jen

Workspace Wednesday

Hello! I have been wanting to do a walk-through of my scrap/planning/craft/office space for about a year now. And, I still want to do one, but then I always want to change something around in my room, so I don’t, and well, here we are. But, I did take a few photos of specific nooks in my room, so I though I would share them today!

I love my desk. It actually belonged to my grandparents. I remember sitting at it when I was a little girl. It seemed a lot bigger back then, but sometimes that’s how it is, isn’t it? It used to be a brown wood color, but my mom painted it a glossy white for me.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚Home Office | Jen Manis CreatesMy fancy new chair (from Marshall’s). My Creative Space | Jen Manis CreatesI bought the matching ottoman first, last year from Home Goods. I have been searching for a new chair, and when I found the one above & saw how it matched my ottoman perfectly, well, I was sold!My Creative Space | Jen Manis CreatesThe view from here. My Creative Space | Home Office | Jen Manis CreatesPrinter and planner bookcase (from Hobby Lobby).Home Office | Jen Manis CreatesI love anything shabby chic!Home Office Details | Jen Manis CreatesQuick glance at my large white bookcases…My Creative Space | Home Office | Jen Manis CreatesA little vignette on my bookcase that I love!Creative Space Details | Jen Manis CreatesMy happy place…Creative Space | Home Office | Scrap Room | Jen Manis CreatesI still want to do a more in depth look into my space, but I hope you enjoyed a quick look today!

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January Flip-Through of my Happy Planner

Hello! Happy Superbowl Sunday! Wouldn’t it be fun to have a crafty/planner Superbowl? Hmmm…

I wanted to share a flip-through of my January spreads with you all today. I started 2017 confident in my planner routine, then halfway through the month, I fell in love with the rose gold Happy Planner at Michael’s, and things fell apart from there.

This is the tale of 2 Happy Planners for January….

Monthly spread:

Week of Jan. 2-8 (I missed using rose gold during the holidays):

Week of Jan. 9-15 (wintery theme):

Week of Jan. 16-22, in my new HP. I looove this Marie Antoinette theme!:

Week of Jan. 23-29 (all purple!):

My two Happy Planners:

If you couldn’t tell, I don’t have a lot of “planning” or even writing in this planner, because it’s not my main planner anymore. I want to use this one as more of a ‘creative week’ notebook. My planner system is evolving every day, every week, it seems. I can’t wait to see how February turns out! Stay tuned…