Faith Journey Update

Today I just wanted to share a few creative things I’ve been doing for my faith journey. I haven’t been into planning as much, but I have picked up my spiritual creativeness a bit more, so I’m ok with that!

First, I went to my local Altar’d State shop recently, and on the sale rack was a gorgeous Hosana Revival Bible. I love the look and style of these Bibles, but I didn’t really want to invest in the high cost of them. I found this one, the Rosie edition, for half off. I took it as a sign and brought it home. It’s a great compact size and has the column for journaling on each page.IMG_0330Faith Journey UpdateNext, I have been wanting (and needing) to start another journal or planner or something to record daily scriptures again. I did this for three years, but I fell off this year and haven’t done it. I couldn’t decide on a format of how I wanted to do it.

So, I finally just brought out a Webster’s Pages notebook I’ve had for a long time and just got to work. It’s great for it to look nice, but the journaling and work I’m putting into it is the important part.Faith Journey UpdateI decorated the cover with a sticker, and I also decorated the inside front page with Mambi stickers. Easy!Faith Journey UpdateI literally just record the scripture each day, along with a few words about what the scripture means. I love this simple, but meaningful, structure.IMG_2881Faith Journey UpdateIMG_2883I like to redecorate a few pages at a time, so when I’m ready to turn the page, there’s something pretty to look at while I’m journaling.  🙂Faith Journey UpdateFaith Journey UpdateFinally, I also took another small notebook from my stash to use as a place to print & put my Illustrated Faith devotionals in.Faith Journey UpdateI did print the devotionals out as a traveler’s notebook insert too, but I also liked the thought of them on a larger page, with a space for notes next to each page.IMG_2887Faith Journey UpdateFaith Journey UpdateFaith Journey Updateheart_jen



New Happy Planner Stuff!

Hello there! Last week I went to Hobby Lobby, and hit the Happy Planner jackpot! I wasn’t really looking for any of the new planners, but I wanted some of the accessories. I found all the stuff I was looking for, and it was on sale!  😍Happy Planner Notes | Created by Jen BlogI really wanted this girl Micro Notes because the Micro Notes are too cute, and this is my favorite cover of that series. I did change the discs, as it came with blue ones. I also think it would look adorable with rose gold metal discs. I added a Planner Society bow too.Happy Planner Notes | Created by Jen BlogI have really been intrigued with these Half Notes Planners. I have some half sheets from the past year or so, and never quite knew how to make it work for me. I gathered them and made a “Fauxbonichi.” More on this in another post…Happy Planner Notes | Created by Jen BlogLastly, I adored the Faith Notes Planner when I saw it on YouTube, and in person it’s even better. I wanted a newer faith planner and I like the themed sheets it came with, as well as the dark purple discs. I slid it in my Webster’s Pages Composition Planner, and I love it.Happy Planner Notes | Created by Jen BlogThat’s it for my {mini} Happy Planner haul! Thanks for stopping by!heart_jen

Gathering Materials for Bible Journaling

Hello! Today I’m sharing the continuation of my Bible Journaling journey. I took a class last fall and practiced this beautiful art form. Lately I’ve been gathering inspiration because I’m ready to really dive into Bible Journaling.

Here are materials I’ve gathered so far…

First of all, you need a Bible. I have the Hope for Today Bible from Joel Osteen. I love all the stories and details it offers throughout the entire Bible. I also would like to purchase a hand-painted Bible, but the right one hasn’t found me yet. Bible Journaling Journey | Created by Jen BlogI have decorated my Bible because it inspires me to open it up. On the cover are sitckers from The Planner Society. On the inside front cover, I have a piece of artwork from Hosana Revival with a quote that I find so inspiring. Then I have a piece of acetate, also from The Planner Society. You may notice all the sticky notes hanging off the side of my Bible. I have been putting Planner Society tabs together with the names of the books of the Bible. Those will replace the sticky notes once I commit to how I’m going to place the tabs.Bible Journaling Journey | Created by Jen BlogI have also added a few of these Crossway books to my Bible Journaling collection. With the exception of the Psalms book, these books of the Bible come with the right hand pages blank, perfect for journaling and artwork. Since I don’t own a proper Journaling Bible yet, I think these smaller books are going to be great for beginning my journey. IMG_0058In my Psalms book, I have begun decorating. I added a Planner Society vellum paper at the beginning, and also tabbed the five books of Psalms.Bible Journaling Journey | Created by Jen BlogI just received this workbook over the weekend. It’s a great new resource for this journey. There are tons of different ideas about how to Bible Journal. Bible Journaling Journey | Created by Jen BlogBible Journaling Journey | Created by Jen BlogBible Journaling Journey | Created by Jen BlogI also have a small Illustrated Faith embellishment collection, which will be great for my new Bible Journaling journey. I feel this is a new direction for my crafting/scrapbooking/planning life. I am so excited to get started! It’s been weighing deeply on me to get my nose into God’s Word more. I hope to share more soon!Bible Journaling Journey | Created by Jen BlogThanks for stopping by!heart_jen

New Adventure into Bible Journaling!

Hello! Today I have something different to share with you. I’ve started my Bible journaling adventure! I’ve kept a faith planner/journal for the past 3 years now, and I’ve always been intrigued by Bible art. So, when there was a Intro to Bible Journaling class offered at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo I attended last week, I signed up. They set us up with some Bible journaling basics, and I even made a page!Bible Journaling | Created by Jen Blog

I don’t have a specific Bible for journaling yet- I want one of these– but they gave us a couple smaller books with just one book of the Bible each. I love that idea too- you can focus on one book at a time, and don’t have to lug around the whole book. It’s less intimidating this way too to get down and just start creating. When it’s the actual Bible you’re looking at, I think it’s a little scary to think about drawing/painting in it! what if I screw it up, right?! The smaller book allows you to not worry about that!

This is my first attempt at Bible Journaling!

Bible Journaling | Created by Jen BlogThis is my faith planner for this year. I do daily scriptures here, and keep a bunch of inspirational pieces in here. If it’s inspiring for me to look at, I’ll use it!

Faith Planner | Created by Jen BlogA view inside…

Faith Planner | Created by Jen BlogIt’s starting to get kind of chunky, and I love it!

Faith Planner | Created by Jen BlogWould you like to see more of my faith planning/Bible journaling? Let me know!

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Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018

Hello! Happy Monday!

Well, this past weekend was the annual Stamp & Scrapbook Expo here in my town, and I had such a good time! I took a couple classes, and did some shopping too!

As much as I love shopping at Michaels, JoAnn’s, etc., there’s nothing like a whole arena dedicated to the things you love to work with. There’s so much to choose from, from the latest paper collections, to novelty items for scrapbooking. Although, I wish there was a little more planner stuff to choose from…

Here’s a little look into my weekend! First up is a peek at my haul! 😍Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogI like taking photos of the signs they had waiting for all of us throughout the John S. Knight Center.Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen Blog

It was all about the washi for me this year!Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogThese are the paper collections I picked up…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogAnd some embellishments…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogI love the Latest & Greatest series of classes they offer- the photo below shows my haul! All from a single class!! It’s like Christmas, for real.Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogThe other class I took was an Intro to Bible Journaling, hosted by a local bookstore. I have really been intrigued by bible journaling for such a long time now, so I jumped right in! More on this adventure in my next post…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogA larger view of my haul…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogI had such an amazing time- and I can’t wait until next year!IMG_7239

IMG_7241Thanks for stopping by today!

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My Current Happy Planner Setup | Frankenplanning!

Hello! Since we’ve successfully completed the first quarter of the year already(!), I thought it was time to show you how my daily planning system is working.

I’ve tweaked my Classic Happy Planner setup a lot, and it’s working for me! I always flirt with the idea of using a different system (TN, rings,etc.), but I ALWAYS come back to the Happy Planner.

Here’s a look at my current setup…

I recently traded out the pink metal discs for my trusty rose gold ones. Haven’t found the metal rose gold ones yet at Michaels…Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogWhen you open up my planner, the first thing you notice area Glam Girl envelope and some sticky notes.IMG_3636The first section is for important notes that I reference frequently. This is my cover page for that section- decked out in Planner Society paper and a puffy unicorn sticker from Michaels.Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogThen we move directly into my monthly and weekly planning.IMG_3638I keep 2-3 months worth of weeklies in my planner, and store the other months in another planner. I am using the Glam Girl lined weekly inserts.Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogThe next section is my faith planner.IMG_3641

Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates Blog

Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogThe Happy Planner stencil comes in handy for writing daily scriptures.Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogThe next section is the Trendsetter Happy Planner. I began the year with it, and then gave it up, and it’s back again! I am attempting to use it for blog, social media, and design project planner.Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates Blog

Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogThen, I have a small memory keeping section.Current Happy Planner Setup | JM Creates BlogFinally, I keep my pretty Happy Planner blank note paper in the back, so it’s handy for when an idea strikes!IMG_3648I hope you enjoyed this look inside my Happy Planner! I’ll keep you updated on how it’s working for me!heart_jen