Fauxbonichi Weekly Spread

Just stopping in to share this week’s Fauxbonichi weekly spread. I changed up the layout this week to look like the Happy Planner Skinny notebooks. I like a little more room to write down lists for each day, and it allows for more decoration too. I used the September Planner Society kit for this layout.Fauxbonichi Weekly Spreadheart_jen

Fauxbonichi Weekly Spread | Welcome Fall!

Happy Monday and happy first day of fall!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Just stopping by today to share this week’s Fauxbonichi weekly spread. I really love drawing out this layout each week. I use this planner to track blogging and social media plans, so I keep it simple, but I have to add some stickers, right?! The stickers are from the Mambi Seasonal Rongrong sticker book.Fauxbonichi Weekly SpreadFauxbonichi Weekly Spreadheart_jen

Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads

I’m so sorry, I’ve been a bad blogger recently!! I found myself more busy than usual, and the blog took the hit this time. I hope to make up for it by sharing a roundup of the recent planner spreads I’ve created. I have been using all sorts of different planners and layouts to see what I connect with right now… and it’s not been a successful experiment! I feel like I fell off the planner wagon when I left my Mini HP in August, and I’m working on getting things back in line, because this is the busiest time of the year, and I really need my planner to keep me in line!

I’m also sorry the photo quality is all over the place. I’ve been experimenting with my big camera vs. my phone and filters… and you can tell! Stick with me, I have to get it together soon!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Dashboard extension pack monthly spread featuring the OG Glam Girl stickers!Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads2. Dashboard extension pack weekly spread featuring stickers from the Farmhouse book. I really, really thought I would like this layout and have been searching for it for forever, but now that I have it, it’s just meh to me.ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆRoundup of Recent Planner Spreads3. My Recollections hourly planner featuring stickers from the Socialite sticker book.Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads4. A Fauxbonichi spread using stickers from the Miss Maker sticker book.Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads5. Another Fauxbonichi spread, this time using stickers from the Botanicals sticker book.IMG_2875Thanks for sticking with me! I’ll try to be back soon with more regular content!heart_jen

Fauxbonichi Weekly Spread | September 2-8

I am still loving this Fauxbonichi style weekly spread format! It’s a small space to work in, but still so much fun to try and fit everything in! It’s just so cute! I am using this planner as my blog/social media scheduling system. I used some Mambi Socialite stickers on my layout this week. The bow washi is from a washi pack from Hobby Lobby.Fauxbonichi Weekly SpreadFauxbonichi Weekly SpreadIMG_2679heart_jen

My Current Fauxbonichi Setup

I am just so in love with this Happy Notes/Happy Planner/Fauxbonichi setup! I recently started using this notebook as a content planner for my blog, social media, projects, and notes. I switched the discs from their original gray to the purple metal, and now, to the aqua color. I love how it looks. IMG_2658This is my front cover page- pocket on the left, and journaling card, acetate, and laser cut paper- all Planner Society.My Current Fauxbonichi SetupMy Current Fauxbonichi SetupMy Happynichi intro pageย  ๐Ÿ™‚My Current Fauxbonichi SetupHere are some of the spreads I’ve created so far. I hope to start making monthly spreads too!

I love the creativity you can use to come up with fun spreads all the different ways you can use this awesome notebook!