Fauxbonichi Weekly Spread | August 26-September 1

I’m switching things up when it comes to my planning! I really wanted to incorporate my Fauxbonichi Happy Notes Planner into my weekly planning, so I decided to start making a week on a page for my blog and social media planning.

I am not going to use my Mini Happy Planner (at least for the time being), but I love decorating a weekly spread, so I hope you enjoy seeing my Fauxbonichi spreads for now!

I also see this planner being a great place for me to jot down notes & ideas. I hope to make some dividers soon, and I’ll share my setup then!

This week’s spread includes stickers from the Mambi Journaling Book, as well as the Botanical Book (surprise!). I love the simplicity of this spread, but also the creativity I can use while making it.Fauxbonichi Weekly SpreadFauxbonichi Weekly SpreadFauxbonichi Weekly Spreadheart_jen


Hello!I’m excited to share a new planner setup with you today! I have been really interested in the Fauxbonichi trend that I’ve seen on Instagram.

I purchased a Half Notes Happy Planner at Hobby Lobby recently. I love the size- and it fits my half note pages that I’ve had in my stash for awhile. I bought the black & white floral planner, although the inside is crazy & colorful.  💛Happy Planner Notes | #Fauxbonichi | Created by Jen BlogI used some older Planner Society goodies to put this notebook together as my social media/blog planner.Happy Planner Notes | #Fauxbonichi | Created by Jen BlogHere are some half sheets I am going to use…Happy Planner Notes | #Fauxbonichi | Created by Jen BlogHappy Planner Notes | #Fauxbonichi | Created by Jen BlogI punched some Planner Society notes and put them in my notes section. They look so cute in here!Happy Planner Notes | #Fauxbonichi | Created by Jen BlogThat’s all I have for today. I’ll share my Fauxbonichi progress soon!heart_jen

New Happy Planner Stuff!

Hello there! Last week I went to Hobby Lobby, and hit the Happy Planner jackpot! I wasn’t really looking for any of the new planners, but I wanted some of the accessories. I found all the stuff I was looking for, and it was on sale!  😍Happy Planner Notes | Created by Jen BlogI really wanted this girl Micro Notes because the Micro Notes are too cute, and this is my favorite cover of that series. I did change the discs, as it came with blue ones. I also think it would look adorable with rose gold metal discs. I added a Planner Society bow too.Happy Planner Notes | Created by Jen BlogI have really been intrigued with these Half Notes Planners. I have some half sheets from the past year or so, and never quite knew how to make it work for me. I gathered them and made a “Fauxbonichi.” More on this in another post…Happy Planner Notes | Created by Jen BlogLastly, I adored the Faith Notes Planner when I saw it on YouTube, and in person it’s even better. I wanted a newer faith planner and I like the themed sheets it came with, as well as the dark purple discs. I slid it in my Webster’s Pages Composition Planner, and I love it.Happy Planner Notes | Created by Jen BlogThat’s it for my {mini} Happy Planner haul! Thanks for stopping by!heart_jen

New Happy Planner Goodies :)

Hello! Happy Monday! It’s another hot one here, so it’s a good day to spend indoors in the air conditioning and play with my new goodies!  🙂

First up in my mini haul is this beautiful Classic Size Happy Planner I found at Target! the purple metal discs will stop you in your tracks. I love the cover too. I had to have it!Happy Planner @ Target | Created by Jen BlogMy favorite divider…IMG_5969I just love the weekly setup in this student planner! I’m not a student currently, but I see so many possibilities with this layout. I plan on using each section for a different topic: like my to-do list will go at the top, along with a self-care section, a social media section, and a few more. I’m not sure if I will still continue with my Glam Girl HP as I am really into more functional planning at the moment.Happy Planner @ Target | Created by Jen BlogIt’s a beauty, and the holographic details will look great with the new Planner Society kit that’s coming this week! Eek!Happy Planner @ Target | Created by Jen BlogNext up is a Martha Stewart notebook (from Staples) that I’ve had for two years now. I used to use it for work. It’s a full-size (8.5 x 11) notebook with discs. Well, I did not like those Martha Stewart discs at all! My pages would barely turn. Boo! But, I love the functionality of this notebook for my projects because I can put standard size papers in here & punch them. So, I used a Michael’s coupon, and bought a set of the silver metal discs. It’s sooo much better! The pages turn like butter, which makes me want to pick up this notebook more & plan my projects more often!Happy Planner Metal Discs | Created by Jen Blog

IMG_5968Now, I love my washi, but I don’t feel the need to have every roll out there… but the Simply Gilded collab with The Planner Sophisticate gave me all the happy vibes! I did not purchase the full rolls (feeling a little regret there), but there are plenty of Etsy shops that offer washi samples at reasonable prices. I purchased samples of each of the SG collab from this shop. It’s such gorgeous washi, and I have plenty to use for a couple spreads, and then I don’t have to worry about where the rest of it. No hoarding!Simply Gilded x The Planner Sophisticate Collection | Created by Jen BlogLastly, I went to JoAnn’s in search of the new Happy Notes HP notebooks. I found ’em! I bought one classic size & one Mini notebook. WIth all their coupons, it was such a good deal! You can never have too many notebooks, imo.Happy Notes by The Happy Planner | Created by Jen BlogEach notebook has three dividers- and I love this one below! This notebook has grid dot paper. It would be perfect for bullet journaling or for school notes. I wish Happy Planner would have existed while I was in school- it would have been HP everything for me!

Happy Notes by The Happy Planner | Created by Jen BlogThis is the Mini notebook. I had to have the floral one. Surprise!!

Happy Notes by The Happy Planner | Created by Jen Blog

Happy Notes by The Happy Planner | Created by Jen BlogThis notebook has graph paper. Not my fave, but I loved the floral cover,  sooo…

Happy Notes by The Happy Planner | Created by Jen BlogI also bought a pack of the gold foil note paper for my Classic HP. It’s gorgeous and shiny (although it’s hard to photograph its beauty).

Happy Notes Paper | Created by Jen BlogThat’s it for my mini haul! Have you picked anything fun up lately? Let me know what you’re loving!

Thanks for stopping by!heart_jen