Planner Haul!

Hello! Today I wanted to share a new (mini) planner haul with you! I found a few new goodies that I just love and had to add to my stash.Mini Planner Haul | Created by Jen BlogI bought several packs of stickers from Michaels. I found the Mambi Journaling sticker book- which I was so excited for because there are so many functional stickers included.Mini Planner Haul | Created by Jen BlogI also picked up a couple Wonton in a Million sticker packs. I bought the budget and the washi/sticker addict packs. The stickers are so cute and colorful. It’s so cool seeing planner girls coming out with their own lines in a big chain like Michaels! Mini Planner Haul | Created by Jen BlogI also picked up the December washi kit from The Planner Society. I don’t subscribe to the washi kit, but they have starting selling extras that they have in their shop. I am literally obsessed with this set of washi. Expect to see it in almost every spread or project I do through spring I think!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚Mini Planner Haul | Created by Jen BlogI also found this cute set of Valentine washi at Michaels. I love the holographic sparkles they have. It reminds me of headers like Erin Condren planners use in their weeklies. I have been quite obsessed with the washi buying lately.ย  ๐Ÿ™†๐ŸปMini Planner Haul | Created by Jen BlogThat’s it for today! Have you picked up any cute planner accessories lately?heart_jen

Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018

Hello! Happy Monday!

Well, this past weekend was the annual Stamp & Scrapbook Expo here in my town, and I had such a good time! I took a couple classes, and did some shopping too!

As much as I love shopping at Michaels, JoAnn’s, etc., there’s nothing like a whole arena dedicated to the things you love to work with. There’s so much to choose from, from the latest paper collections, to novelty items for scrapbooking. Although, I wish there was a little more planner stuff to choose from…

Here’s a little look into my weekend! First up is a peek at my haul! ๐Ÿ˜Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogI like taking photos of the signs they had waiting for all of us throughout the John S. Knight Center.Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen Blog

It was all about the washi for me this year!Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogThese are the paper collections I picked up…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogAnd some embellishments…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogI love the Latest & Greatest series of classes they offer- the photo below shows my haul! All from a single class!! It’s like Christmas, for real.Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogThe other class I took was an Intro to Bible Journaling, hosted by a local bookstore. I have really been intrigued by bible journaling for such a long time now, so I jumped right in! More on this adventure in my next post…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogA larger view of my haul…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogI had such an amazing time- and I can’t wait until next year!IMG_7239

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New Happy Planner Goodies :)

Hello! Happy Monday! It’s another hot one here, so it’s a good day to spend indoors in the air conditioning and play with my new goodies!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

First up in my mini haul is this beautiful Classic Size Happy Planner I found at Target! the purple metal discs will stop you in your tracks. I love the cover too. I had to have it!Happy Planner @ Target | Created by Jen BlogMy favorite divider…IMG_5969I just love the weekly setup in this student planner! I’m not a student currently, but I see so many possibilities with this layout. I plan on using each section for a different topic: like my to-do list will go at the top, along with a self-care section, a social media section, and a few more. I’m not sure if I will still continue with my Glam Girl HP as I am really into more functional planning at the moment.Happy Planner @ Target | Created by Jen BlogIt’s a beauty, and the holographic details will look great with the new Planner Society kit that’s coming this week! Eek!Happy Planner @ Target | Created by Jen BlogNext up is a Martha Stewart notebook (from Staples) that I’ve had for two years now. I used to use it for work. It’s a full-size (8.5 x 11) notebook with discs. Well, I did not like those Martha Stewart discs at all! My pages would barely turn. Boo! But, I love the functionality of this notebook for my projects because I can put standard size papers in here & punch them. So, I used a Michael’s coupon, and bought a set of the silver metal discs. It’s sooo much better! The pages turn like butter, which makes me want to pick up this notebook more & plan my projects more often!Happy Planner Metal Discs | Created by Jen Blog

IMG_5968Now, I love my washi, but I don’t feel the need to have every roll out there… but the Simply Gilded collab with The Planner Sophisticate gave me all the happy vibes! I did not purchase the full rolls (feeling a little regret there), but there are plenty of Etsy shops that offer washi samples at reasonable prices. I purchased samples of each of the SG collab from this shop. It’s such gorgeous washi, and I have plenty to use for a couple spreads, and then I don’t have to worry about where the rest of it. No hoarding!Simply Gilded x The Planner Sophisticate Collection | Created by Jen BlogLastly, I went to JoAnn’s in search of the new Happy Notes HP notebooks. I found ’em! I bought one classic size & one Mini notebook. WIth all their coupons, it was such a good deal! You can never have too many notebooks, imo.Happy Notes by The Happy Planner | Created by Jen BlogEach notebook has three dividers- and I love this one below! This notebook has grid dot paper. It would be perfect for bullet journaling or for school notes. I wish Happy Planner would have existed while I was in school- it would have been HP everything for me!

Happy Notes by The Happy Planner | Created by Jen BlogThis is the Mini notebook. I had to have the floral one. Surprise!!

Happy Notes by The Happy Planner | Created by Jen Blog

Happy Notes by The Happy Planner | Created by Jen BlogThis notebook has graph paper. Not my fave, but I loved the floral cover,ย  sooo…

Happy Notes by The Happy Planner | Created by Jen BlogI also bought a pack of the gold foil note paper for my Classic HP. It’s gorgeous and shiny (although it’s hard to photograph its beauty).

Happy Notes Paper | Created by Jen BlogThat’s it for my mini haul! Have you picked anything fun up lately? Let me know what you’re loving!

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Planner Haul!

Hello!! I’ve got a fun post for you today! Here’s my new planner accessory haul.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

I really don’t shop like I did a few years ago, because, well, I have a lot of stuff already. But once in a while, it’s a fun treat.

First up is my May Planner Society kit. It’s my one year anniversary this month of receiving these kits! I simply love them. I consider canceling every month, but my mom always convinces me to stick with it.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

I love this month’s theme and color scheme. Pretty pinks and greens. So summery.May Planner Society Kit | JM Creates BlogIMG_4861I love all the floral details. And those cacti tracker stamps- love!!May Planner Society Kit | JM Creates BlogMore doilies this month. Yes!May Planner Society Kit | JM Creates BlogMay Planner Society Kit | JM Creates BlogMay Planner Society Kit | JM Creates BlogMay Planner Society Kit | JM Creates BlogI also shopped at Felicity Jane’s big moving sale. I totally caved when I saw the TN’s were on sale (in the slightly imperfect section– although mine looked totally perfect). I also picked up 4 TN inserts and some washi.Planner Haul! | JM Creates BlogFelicity Jane Haul | JM Creates BlogFelicity Jane Haul | JM Creates BlogI decided to go with a black & white theme with this notebook. I think I’m going to love it!IMG_4887Felicity Jane Haul | JM Creates BlogMy final purchase this week was from The Aloha Nurse on Etsy. The more I see Simply Gilded’s washi, the more I want some! I really, really love the look of her subscription boxes, but as they sell out quickly and do not quite fit into my budget at the moment, I did the next best thing: I bought some samples on Etsy.

I thought The Aloha Nurse’s prices were fair and the selection was great. I got some of the carousel washi, the hummingbird, the butterflies, and the bow washi tape. It’s all soo cute. It was packaged really cute too. I can’t wait to use them on my weekly spreads soon.Planner Haul! | JM Creates BlogThat’s it for now. Have you had your own haul lately?heart_jen

2017 Scrapbook Expo Review | Akron, OH


Last weekend, I attended the Akron, OH Stamp & Scrapbook Expo (for the third year in a row!!). I just wanted to share my haul with you all…

My haul literally took up half of my bed. Soooo much goodness. There were less than 25 vendors, but the ones that were there were pretty current with their selection. Definitely more “planner” related items than I remember last year- and I even took a planner class. Yay!2017 Akron, OH Stamp & Scrapbook Expo | JM CreatesMy favorite purchases were the crystal pens and the washi. I gotta have all the washi!2017 Akron, OH Stamp & Scrapbook Expo | JM Creates

Some of my haul from my classes… they hook you up with the latest & greatest products! I wish I would have taken a couple more classes…

Memories… I can’t wait until next year’s show!

Have you ever attended one of the Stamp & Scrapbook Expos?

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New Planner Haul!

So many new planner/scrapbooking goodies have been hitting the stores the past couple weeks. I wandered into JoAnn’s with my coupons and I was delighted with what I saw!

Now, I don’t do major shopping like I used to do. I have purged many things that I do not need anymore and simplified my stash more. But, I did find a lot of cool things to add to my collection, including a new Webster’s Pages TN and Composition Notebook, Magnolia Jane paper & stickers by Heidi Swapp, a couple new planner items by DCWV, and a new mat by Teresa Collins. Whew!

I love these new goodies- the Webster’s Pages notebooks are gorgeous and so is the Magnolia Jane paper. The thing I wasn’t as impressed with, sadly, were the items from DCWV. I bought a pack of daily pages because I really like how they’re laid out, but they are huge- way larger than any of my other inserts. I also bought a tall notebook with the 6 ring holes already in it- very convenient- but, it doesn’t fit correctly for my A5 WP and Carpe Diem planners, and, the pages appear to be sown in it upside down. If I would have noticed that, I probably wouldn’t have bought them. I don’t have a DCVW planner, and I incorrectly thought they would nicely in my other planners. Bummer! But, I am satisfied with my other goodies!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_6884Pretty, pretty notebooks! ๐Ÿ˜


Do you have your eye on any new planner goodies?

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