End of Summer Photos

This is such a bittersweet time of year. The long, warm days are growing shorter and cooler. We still have plenty of beautiful days ahead, but there is just that feeling in the air that autumn is about to take over. I do look forward to the fall, but there’s something about the freedom that comes with summer that I always miss.

I took some photos on a recent gorgeous late summer day when the sun was shining bright. We never have to lose that summer feeling when we document these special days.

End of Summer Photos

End of Summer PhotosEnd of Summer Photos

End of Summer Photos


End of Summer Photos

End of Summer Photosheart_jen

Mid-Year Memory Planner Update!

Today I wanted to share an update on my Memory Planning. Typically, in the middle of the year I get kind of restless with my planners and I want something different to plan (& play) with. This year is no different!

When I started feeling the itch to change my Memory Planner, I actually bought a spiral Recollections planner to take the place of my current one (which was the Empowered Women Happy Planner pictured below). I still couldn’t get into it. So, I watched a few YouTube videos, which always inspire me in some way, and I switched to my Monthly Happy Planner (with florals, below). I have been wanting to use this planner so badly this year, but I couldn’t work into my rotation. It’s the perfect setup for my memory planning! Mid-Year Memory Planner UpdateThis is my Empowered Women Happy Planner, one of the final spreads I completed in it. I found the colored section at the top distracting, and too difficult to work into my design. I also sometimes have tons of photos for a week, then the next few and far between. This also makes it difficult to design my spread.Mid-Year Memory Planner UpdateHere’s my solution:

I am using the monthly pages for memories and some decoration, and I will use the monthly goal pages to record more goals and memories. I took out the daily to-do pages and replaced two pages with blank Happy Planner/ Happy Notes pages. The final two pages in the monthly planner are already for notes, and have gorgeous florals on them. So, I need four pages per month to do a weekly spread. Two Happy Notes pages and the two notes pages already in the planner make it work perfectly. I have the gorgeous Mambi Fun Florals sitcker book, so I’m just adding in floral stickers on my Happy Notes pages.

Here are a sampling of my first few spreads:Mid-Year Memory Planner UpdateIMG_2240How I make the photo collage:

In Lightroom, I have all the photos I may want to use for the week, then I use a 4×6 photo template, and arrange the photos I want to fit in the 4×6 accordingly. Some weeks, there are a lot of photos, and sometimes, not so many, so this collage idea really works for me. My photo for each week will always be a 4×6, but the photos can be various sizes depending on how many I want to add per week.Mid-Year Memory Planner UpdateThis planner is going to simplify my memory keeping, and make it look more organized & consistent.

Hope you enjoyed this look inside my Memory Planner!heart_jen