Mid-Week Check In

Hello! Just checking in… on a Thursday! I am thinking about switching my mid-week post to Thursdays. I seem to run out of time in the very beginning of the week, but have more time in the middle of the week to post. It just seems like it will work out better for my current schedule…

I have a bunch of great ideas for posts coming up for fall. But, here’s a pretty photo from my Instagram feed, just for fun in the meantime! Thanks for sticking with me here!

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In Memory of Kate Spade

The fashion world, the planner community, and the world lost a visionary this week. Kate Spade has been an inspiration to me for many, many years. I have always been inspired by the company’s products and aesthetic.

Even though Kate moved onto other things, the legacy she left for the company is so inspiring. She was a leader, and though it sounds like she suffered towards the end of her life, that makes her even more endearing. She was a powerful individual, yet so real and an example to women. We are so lucky to have physical reminders of her legacy through her products.

In Memory of Kate SpadeWe all are going through something at one point or another in life, and it is not shameful to ask for help. We are not meant to go through this life alone. I began receiving help for myself last year, and it has done me a world of good. Talk to someone- a friend, church leader, counselor, doctor, or helpline. What you’re feeling is not weird or unusual, and there is someone out there who can help you get back on track. The world is a tough place, but you do not have to suffer.

RIP Kate

xo, Jen

My 2018 Planner Lineup

Hello! This is a post I’ve been trying to write for a couple weeks now! My 2018 planner lineup is sorted out (for now!), so here’s a look at what I’m using to stay organized and to be creative this year. There are a lot of planners listed below, but keep in mind that not all of them are used every single day. Only two of them are. The others are for memory keeping or stay in my purse. I just have a love of beautiful planners, much like other people have a love of collecting books, movies, or shoes.

I am a Happy Planner Girl. I love trying new and different planners (rings, TN’s, spiral bound), but Happy Planners just simply work for me.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogMy main planner is the Glam Girl lined vertical Happy Planner. I love the lined weeks. The dividers are so girly, and so beautiful too. She’s my fave!!

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogAs much fun as the Glam Girl planner is, I love to play around with Frankenplanning too. There are just too many gorgeous planners and styles out there to just use one! So, inside my Glam Girl, I have also added the Happy Planner Trendsetter. It’s a monthly planner, so I am still playing around with different things to track in it.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogIn addition, I found the Daydreamer Happy Planner at Hobby Lobby for an insanely low price a couple weekends ago, so this one is my memory planner for the year. I will add photos from my Sprocket printer in each weekly spread and some embellishments. This planner is sooo gorgeous! I’m not a horizontal layout kind of planner, but for this purpose it will work for me.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogMy final Happy Planner for the year is my beloved Mini. I started using a Mini last year, and I love the small size. It is too little for all my planning needs (and I’ve tried to make it work!), but it’s great for quotes, gratitude or tracking purposes.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogNow for some more planners I will be using!

I have this lovely Kate Spade personal planner, and I have in the past taken this in my purse for quick references. I also had the Mini Recollections planner. I turned it into a Mini Happy Planner, but wasn’t crazy about it. So, I turned the cover into the opening dashboard in this personal planner. I love it!! As for the insides of the Mini Recollections planner, it is in my Mini Happy Planner as an alternative layout for my weekly spreads.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogA new addition is this beautiful Planner Society B6 TN that was included in the December kit. I am not good at using TN’s for everyday planning (maybe because I’m left-handed?). I’m going to make monthly inserts using my Planner Society kits and adding photos and memories from each month in it.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogThe final planner I’ll be using is a Pocket TN. I’m expecting a new Planner Society one at the end of January, and I can really see it as an on-the-go purse planner. I’ve got the inserts ready to go!

Thanks for sticking with me until the end! What does your planner lineup look like?


The Planner Society July Kit Projects

Hello! Happy Wednesday!

Today I am sharing a couple projects I’ve made with The Planner Society July kit. Both projects are for my personal size planners.

I found this beautiful green planner at Michaels- the Recollections brand. It matches this kit perfectly! I made a set of pretty dividers with a few embellishments on them. I also created a pocket page out of the smaller red pineapple bag that the kit came in. For the final page in my planner, I laminated some green & white Kate Spade tissue paper, and sprinkled sequins on it before I laminated it. This is one of my favorite techniques lately!! Laminating sequins on paper works surprisingly well!

The second setup I made is for my Kate Spade planner that goes in my bag. I used the same sides of the paper facing outward, because I just love them! I added some doilies to these to make them a little different than my other dividers from the previous setup.

Alright, that’s all for now! I’ll be back with more projects soon!

Kate Spade Carlisle Street Planner

I was cruising around on Ebay one morning, and I came across a great deal on this Kate Spade planner. I could never bear to spend that much on a planner…. maybe I could if it was the only one I would ever want, but that’s clearly not the case! And, since I don’t live anywhere near a Kate Spade Outlet, I went ahead & ordered this beauty! I am gonna give her a good home!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

She’s the Carlisle Street patent leather polka dot personal size agenda. It came with all of the 2017 inserts too, so I was extra happy because they are cute too! IMG_8739My plan is to carry her with me , kind of like an extra wallet. I like the idea of having a small planner with info I might need to know on the go with me.IMG_8783I think she looks lovely when paired with my other planners!IMG_8788Thanks for stopping by! I have another new planner that just came… I’ll share next week! (Hint: TPS)

p.s. Happy Summer!heart_jen



Hello, Kate

I bought this gorgeous, arty Kate Spade planner last summer- just a few weeks before I bought my Happy Planner. I loved using my Happy Planner, so this beautiful planner has sat there so lonely and empty (literally) on my shelf since. I am toying with the idea of bringing her out to play in April. She’s large enough for all my personal appointments & plans. I have some gold striped and dotted washi that would dress her right up. Hmmm…


I even bought this fun 4-colored Kate Spade pen to use…

IMG_7466I may just have to experiment in April! Do you have any planners sitting on your shelf that are almost too pretty to use?