New Recollections Planner

I bought this Recollections planner from Michael’s a little while ago, with the intention of using it as my Memory Planner. I decided on a different planner for that, but this planner is too cute, what should I do with it? I think I’m going to suspend my Mini Happy Planner, at least for August, and give this planner a chance to be my everyday planner. I do miss vertical planning, and the Mini HP only allows you so much space to decorate in.

Take a look at my new planner! This cover is different from older Recollections planners. It’s a cloth material, but stiff and sturdy. I love how they keep upgrading their planners! I decorated the front cover with some gold enamel dots and the gold bow is a sticker from The Planner Society.New Recollections PlannerThe charm is from The Planner Society.IMG_2345This is inside the front cover. The gold bow pocket is from The Planner Society. It’s adhesive, and fits perfectly here. The planner comes with the clear pocket on the right. I just have some note paper here right now, but stickers would go great in here!New Recollections PlannerThe part of Recollections planners that hasn’t changed (unfortunately) is the dashboards. They are usually blah, and don’t really go with the planner’s theme. I dressed up July’s dashboard with a couple Mambi stickers- a Happy Planner quote and the Goal Getter girl.New Recollections PlannerHere’s how I decorated July’s monthly spread.New Recollections PlannerHere is a blank weekly spread. Lots of decorating opportunities here!Β  πŸ™‚New Recollections Plannerheart_jen

Mini Happy Planner: My New Setup!

I’ve been crazy about Mini Happy Planners since they came out, about 3 years ago now, I think. I decided to use one for my everyday planner this year, and I’m obsessed!! It’s the perfect size for me, and I made her a chunky Mini HP too!

I currently have her in a Planner Society B6 TN cover, but I do change that out every now & then.Mini Happy Planner: My New Setup!I have several sections in my Mini HP:


-Sticky Notes

-Jesenia Printables Yearly Calendar

Everyday Calendar Planning Section:

-Happy Planner Monthly Planner + Weeklies

Social Media/Blog Section:

-Jesenia Printables Monthly Calendar (for social media schedule)

-Empowering Women Classic Size Weekly Pages cut down to fit Mini HP (for weekly social media/blog ideas)

Self-Care Section:

-Jesenia Printables Self-Care Bundle (trackers, journal, etc.)

Notes Section:

-Jesenia Printables Bow Notes

-Happy Planner Mini Blank Notes Pages

Mini Happy Planner: My New Setup!Mini Happy Planner: My New Setup!Mini Happy Planner: My New Setup!Mini Happy Planner: My New Setup!Mini Happy Planner: My New Setup!Mini Happy Planner: My New Setup!Mini Happy Planner: My New Setup!Mini Happy Planner: My New Setup!I absolutely love this setup! I want to look at it every day and it encourages me to plan, get stuff done, and to also record my memories! Make your planner work for you!!

*Note: Jesenia Printables does not make Mini HP inserts, but if you purchase the B6 TN inserts and cut them down just a tiny bit, they look awesome in a Mini HP!heart_jen

Mid-Year Memory Planner Update!

Today I wanted to share an update on my Memory Planning. Typically, in the middle of the year I get kind of restless with my planners and I want something different to plan (& play) with. This year is no different!

When I started feeling the itch to change my Memory Planner, I actually bought a spiral Recollections planner to take the place of my current one (which was the Empowered Women Happy Planner pictured below). I still couldn’t get into it. So, I watched a few YouTube videos, which always inspire me in some way, and I switched to my Monthly Happy Planner (with florals, below). I have been wanting to use this planner so badly this year, but I couldn’t work into my rotation. It’s the perfect setup for my memory planning! Mid-Year Memory Planner UpdateThis is my Empowered Women Happy Planner, one of the final spreads I completed in it. I found the colored section at the top distracting, and too difficult to work into my design. I also sometimes have tons of photos for a week, then the next few and far between. This also makes it difficult to design my spread.Mid-Year Memory Planner UpdateHere’s my solution:

I am using the monthly pages for memories and some decoration, and I will use the monthly goal pages to record more goals and memories. I took out the daily to-do pages and replaced two pages with blank Happy Planner/ Happy Notes pages. The final two pages in the monthly planner are already for notes, and have gorgeous florals on them. So, I need four pages per month to do a weekly spread. Two Happy Notes pages and the two notes pages already in the planner make it work perfectly. I have the gorgeous Mambi Fun Florals sitcker book, so I’m just adding in floral stickers on my Happy Notes pages.

Here are a sampling of my first few spreads:Mid-Year Memory Planner UpdateIMG_2240How I make the photo collage:

In Lightroom, I have all the photos I may want to use for the week, then I use a 4×6 photo template, and arrange the photos I want to fit in the 4×6 accordingly. Some weeks, there are a lot of photos, and sometimes, not so many, so this collage idea really works for me. My photo for each week will always be a 4×6, but the photos can be various sizes depending on how many I want to add per week.Mid-Year Memory Planner UpdateThis planner is going to simplify my memory keeping, and make it look more organized & consistent.

Hope you enjoyed this look inside my Memory Planner!heart_jen


Hello!I’m excited to share a new planner setup with you today! I have been really interested in the Fauxbonichi trend that I’ve seen on Instagram.

I purchased a Half Notes Happy Planner at Hobby Lobby recently. I love the size- and it fits my half note pages that I’ve had in my stash for awhile. I bought the black & white floral planner, although the inside is crazy & colorful.Β  πŸ’›Happy Planner Notes | #Fauxbonichi | Created by Jen BlogI used some older Planner Society goodies to put this notebook together as my social media/blog planner.Happy Planner Notes | #Fauxbonichi | Created by Jen BlogHere are some half sheets I am going to use…Happy Planner Notes | #Fauxbonichi | Created by Jen BlogHappy Planner Notes | #Fauxbonichi | Created by Jen BlogI punched some Planner Society notes and put them in my notes section. They look so cute in here!Happy Planner Notes | #Fauxbonichi | Created by Jen BlogThat’s all I have for today. I’ll share my Fauxbonichi progress soon!heart_jen

Mini Happy Planner Weekly Spread | April 8-14

Hello! I’m back today to share my new weekly spread with you! First, I wanted to show you how I’ve dressed my planner up for spring. I have her in the new Planner Society B6 TN. (More on that next week.) I also put a new cover on her, which is a cover from a Happy Notes notebook from last year. She looks so pretty!Β  πŸ’žMini Happy Planner | Spring | Created by Jen BlogAlso, here’s a look at my April monthly spread. I like to add a few decorations to make it pretty to look at. I just usually add my work schedule and other appointments on this spread.Mini Happy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogFor both my monthly and weekly spread this week, I used the new March/April kit from The Planner Society. I love the pastels and all the purple!Mini Happy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogIMG_0528The floral washi is from The Planner Society and the thin rainbow-esque washi is from the Mambi Daydreamer washi pack.Mini Happy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogIMG_0530IMG_0531I’m feeling all the purples this season!Β  πŸ’œIMG_0533Thanks for stopping by today!heart_jen

My 2019 Memory Planner

Hello! Today I just wanted to share my new Happy Planner memory planner. This is one of my planners in my 2019 lineup. I have completed a couple weeks and I’m loving it! My 2019 Memory Planner | Created by Jen BlogI loved personalizing my front page!My 2019 Memory Planner | Created by Jen BlogThis planner is full of very inspirational quotes and messages. I love opening it up!My 2019 Memory PlannerHere’s New Year’s week…My 2019 Memory Planner | Created by Jen BlogAnd last week…

It’s all about keeping it simple. Photos, washi, stickers, and journaling. It’s a fun way to document the year.My 2019 Memory Planner | Created by Jen BlogThanks for stopping by today!