My 2019 Planner Lineup!

Hello! It’s taken me a long time to sort through my planners to finally decide on a planner system for 2019. I wanted something simple that I could keep up with, but I also need that creative outlet. I love setting up & decorating planners. I hope you do too- that’s why you’re here, right?!Β  πŸ™‚

Here’s a look at my 2019 lineup…My 2019 Planner Lineup!My main everyday planner is a Mini Happy Planner. I love this small size. I can hop this planner right into my bag, it’s cute sitting on my desk. It’s perfect for my life right now. I use the monthly and weekly views in here, and I have a section for notes. I love making lists!Β  πŸ™‚My 2019 Planner Lineup!I still need to make proper dividers in my Mini, but I did add this cute Planner Society girl vellum and planner girl stickers.My 2019 Planner Lineup!My second planner is one that I’m bringing from my 2018 lineup. This is a Recollections hourly planner. It’s the size of an Erin Condren, hence the hacked EC cover on this planner.My 2019 Planner Lineup!This planner is just a way for me to reflect everyday on how I spent the day. It’s fun to decorate weekly too.My 2019 Planner Lineup!This next planner is my new Memory Planner. I started Memory Planning in a Happy Planner last year, and I loved it. I kept it up every single week. Yay!!My 2019 Planner Lineup!I love this layout. It’s vertical with lines, with a box on top of each day. I may decorate that section, or right down notes from a particular day- it will just depend I guess.

This is the first week of the year. I have room for some photos, thoughts, tip-ins, and deco. I am super excited to see how this planner goes throughout the year!My 2019 Planner Lineup!This is my final planner (for now!). I have to admit that I’m not using it regularly just yet, but that may change. I wanted to use it as a blog/social media planner, but I am also just loving making lists in my Mini HP for now. This planner is so gorgeous though, I’m sure I will use it at some point this year.My 2019 Planner Lineup!That’s it for now! Do you have your planner lineup set yet?heart_jen

First Weekly Spread of 2019! | Mini Happy Planner | December 31-January 6

Hello! I am here today to share my first weekly spread for the new year! I can’t 2019 is literally right around the corner! The years sure do fly by the older you get.

So, I’ve been thinking about my 2019 planner lineup for way longer than I should admit, but I think I’ve got it down. I’ll probably do another post about all the planners I want to use in the new year, but for now I’ll focus on my new everyday planner I’ll be using. I decided to use a Mini Happy Planner for 2019.

I chose a Mini for a few reasons: I wanted something a little different than a Classic HP, which I’ve used since mid-2016. I love the Classic size, but I didn’t find one that blew me away like the Glam Girl did for 2018. I also don’t need such a big planner for my everyday tasks. The Mini is a great size. I can still decorate (see below!), but it’s not an overwhelming space. In the Classic, some days I had a whole box on some days that wouldn’t be filled in. I also like the challenge of horizontal planning. Now, before my Happy Planner days, I used a horizontal planner with no trouble at all. I really, really like the vertical planners, and I’ll still be using one for my memory planner. I also wanted to stick with the Happy Planner disc system, because it really works for me.

Take a look at my spread for New Year’s Week below, featuring The Planner Society December box.My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen Blog

My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen Blog

My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen Blog

My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen Blog

My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen Blog

My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen BlogHere’s a look at my January monthly spread. I always decorate my monthlies, but I don’t usually share them. I’m going to try to share the monthly spreads more in the new year!

My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen BlogDashboard for January…

My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen BlogI have the hard black cover on my planner for now, along with the classic size purple metal discs.

My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen Blog

My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen BlogThis is a Mini HP that came out over last summer at Target for back to school. I love the simple design!

My Mini Happy Planner for 2019! | Created by Jen BlogThanks for making it this far!Β  πŸ™‚

Thank you for a great 2018… and I have more planner posts coming in 2019!

Happy New Year!heart_jen

Mid-Year Planner Lineup

Hello! It’s July… so you know what that means! New planners! Well, I actually only have one new planner in this lineup, but I am shaking up my planner system a little, just to keep things fresh.

Here’s my #plannerstack…Mid-Year Planner Lineup | Created by Jen BlogMy first & favorite planner (shh! don’t tell the others!), the Classic Glam Girl Happy Planner. She’s my everything planner. I decorate, memory plan, and finish each day with this planner. If no other planners existed, this one would be the only one I need for the year.

But, of course, I enjoy other planners, so, here’s the next one in my lineup. This is the Classic Trendsetter Happy Planner I use for blog & social media planning. I still am loving this planner. I am constantly updating how I use this planner to make it most productive for me. I still dig the quilted hard cover too.

This is the newest planner to my collection. I bought the new Recollections Hourly Planner, which I have used since last summer, but I love this edition even more. This planner is not imperative for my daily planning, but I enjoy recording my days & seeing how I spent my time, so it stays in the lineup. I have also been decorating it more, which makes me happy! I added my favorite Erin Condren cover to it. I just love looking at it.

I re-purposed my Classic Daydreamer Happy Planner to become my faith planner. I really, really like using the horizontal layout for this purpose. The vertical faith planner I had been using kind of cramped my journaling style. I used to use this as a memory planner with photos of each week, but I found a new home for that idea (keep reading…). I love the Daydreamer planner for all things related to faith. It’s bright & happy and I want to open this planner every day and journal.

Finally, this is my beloved Mini Happy Planner. I retired her for a little, but she’s so cute, I had to find a purpose for her! Using her as a weekly memory keeper is perfect. The photos from my Sprocket printer will fit great in here, and serve as a cute record of each week of the rest of the year. The Daydreamer planner was just too big for how I wanted to make it work, so my Mini returns! I also recently bought her a slick black hard cover too, and it looks great with the pink metal discs!

Alright, is that enough planners to keep up with? Lol. It doesn’t overwhelm me though. I love all these planners and the purpose they serve in my everyday and weekly life.Β  I’m not afraid to change it up if it stops working for me.

Thanks for stopping by today, and what does your mid-year lineup look like?


Planner Peace πŸ™πŸΌ

So… I think I have #plannerpeace!!! I think about changing my system up a lot, but I always come back to The Happy Planner. Why? Everything I think I may want to switch up or change about the way I plan can be achieved with The Happy Planner. It’s time for me to stop trying to fix what’s not broken! πŸ˜‚

Here’s my setup: I use the Classic Size Glam Girl Happy Planner, with mini colorful discs, inside a Webster’s Pages Composition Planner.

I like the Classic size, because it’s not too small, and it’s not huge. I love the Glam Girl style because it has lines. I have the stencil that The Happy Planner put out last year to create lines & checklists, but it’s so easy to use Glam Girl because the lines are there and ready for you to write.

I like using the mini rings because I can edit the pages I have in my planner down to the most important things I need. I don’t do well with a lot of fluff in my planner. I have 3 basic sections in my planner. First, is a section of notes and info I need to have at hand. Second are my decorated monthly and weekly pages. Third, I keep a small section for my blog and social media planning.

I adore using the Webster’s Pages Composition Planner (over the Deluxe Cover from The Happy Planner) because the size is slim and it’s aesthetically gorgeous to look at. I want to pick my planner up and use it. It has TONS of pockets, and yes, I use a lot of them to tuck pretty things from The Planner Society in, but if I needed to use them practically, I could.Planner Peace | Created by Jen BlogMy happy place.Β  πŸ™‚My Happy Place | Created by Jen BlogAre you a Happy Planner girl too??

Thanks for stopping by today!heart_jen

Brand New Recollections Hourly Planner!

Hello! Today I wanted to share my newest planner… the newest Recollections Hourly Planner, from Michaels. This planner starts in July and runs through all of 2019. I think I’m going to start using it in July and retire my current hourly planner because I love the subtle changes that were made to this year’s edition.Recollections Hourly Planner | JM Creates BlogI bought this Everyday Magic Hourly Planner because of its cuteness- and silver foil!

Recollections Hourly Planner | JM Creates Blog#ibelieveinunicorns

Recollections Hourly Planner | JM Creates BlogHere’s a glimpse of the 2017/2018 version as compared to the brand new 2018/2019 planner.

Recollections Hourly Planner | JM Creates Blog

Recollections Hourly Planner | JM Creates Blog

Recollections Hourly Planner | JM Creates BlogEven the dividers are pretty this year!

Recollections Hourly Planner | JM Creates BlogFun stickers…

Recollections Hourly Planner | JM Creates BlogFolder and pocket in the back.

Recollections Hourly Planner | JM Creates BlogMy current hourly (in back) and new one (in front)!

Recollections Hourly Planner | JM Creates BlogAre you going to pick up any new planners that begin mid-year?

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My Happy Planner Collection

These are the three Happy Planners I’ve used for my weekly spreads since I first stepped into the Happy Planner world in 2016… (not including specialty HP’s…)My Happy Planner Collection | JM Creates BlogMy Hello Life was my very first HP!! I loved everything about this planner at the time! I used this planner July 2016-January 2017.IMG_4017Then I purchased the Minty Fresh HP in January 2017… mostly for the rose gold rings if I’m being honest!! I loved the pastel color schemes inside. I used this planner all of 2017!My Happy Planner Collection | JM Creates BlogHere’s my fave of all time! Glam Girl! I bought this planner as soon as I found her in October 2017. I have used it every week in 2018 so far. I love the lined weekly pages. It helps keeps an uphill lefty writer like me in line!My Happy Planner Collection | JM Creates BlogHere’s a look at my very first weekly spread, from July 2016.My Happy Planner Collection | JM Creates BlogMy fave spreads in all three Happy Planners…My Happy Planner Collection | JM Creates BlogMy Happy Planner Collection | JM Creates BlogHow many Happy Planners have you used, and when did you first use a Happy Planner?

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