My New Memory Planner

Hello! I have been toying with the idea of using one of my planners as a memory planner with photos for a while now. I actually have been ‘practicing’ with my large spiral Recollections planner from last year. I really like the idea of using some of my favorite photos from the week and writing a bit about each. Of course, I will use stickers & washi to dress it up too! IMG_9357I decided to use the spiral Unicorn Recollections planner, and when Michael’s had their Happy Planner cover sale last week, I scooped up one of the rainbow covers! It’s perfect for how I want to use it. I can stick extra pictures and stickers I want to use in the pockets.

I didn’t need this unicorn planner- but it’s so much fun & brings out the 10 year old in me! πŸ˜‰ I am so glad I figured out a use for this planner & cover!IMG_9358These pages will soon be covered in memories…IMG_9359I am also going to try to use my new Sprocket printer to print out some of the photos for this planner. I love the tiny 2×3 size of the photos, and that they’re printed on sticker paper! It’s so quick & easy to use too!IMG_9337Do you use a specific planner to memory plan?

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I have always had an obsession with magazines… it started when I was young and has never gotten better. I always enjoyed seeing what was the newest cover on the magazine stand. I drove my mom crazy by having her drive me around to different stores looking for the newest issues.

I collected the teen magazines, fashion, home decor, weeklies, scrapbooking, you name it. It really was where my love of design, photography, typography, and layouts comes from.

Then I started getting subscriptions…I would wait for the mail delivery person to come around and see what new issue I was getting that day… and being disappointed when I would get nothing!

I used to have a huge, I mean huge stash of my favorite issues of different publications. I have slowly started weeding through them, and parting with them. I can do this, mostly, because I know the next issue will surely be my favorite yet.

These past few years, I have tried to embrace the digital magazine era. Sometimes, it’s more successful than others. I will buy the niche magazines that are only online, but I often have to print them out, just because I have to hold the paper to really enjoy reading. I remember buying my iPad a couple years ago, and thinking this will help keep my magazine collecting a little more organized and corralled.

Well, as some digital issues are now becoming extinct too, I have really embraced collecting paper issues again. There is nothing like a small(-ish) stack of magazines to inspire you and to spark conversation.

My current small(-ish) stack. summer 2015. :)
My current small(-ish) stack. summer 2015. πŸ™‚

Long live paper!!!