Rose of Sharon | Summer 2018

Hello! I have some more planner posts coming soon, but I wanted to take a moment to share these photos I recently took of our Rose of Sharon shrub in the garden. I photographed these on a warm summer night during the golden hour using my soft focus lens. Oh, these photos speak to my flower-loving heart! Hope you enjoy seeing them too! 💞Floral Photography | Created by Jen BlogFloral Photography | Created by Jen Blog


Floral Photography | Created by Jen Blog

Floral Photography | Created by Jen Blog

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Soft Focus


Today I wanted to share a few photographs I took in the garden last weekend. I looove our Rose of Sharon bush (and I’ve shared photos of it before!). But, this time I challenged myself a little more and took some soft focus photos. Dreamy! If you don’t have a soft focus lens for your DSLR, I suggest you purchase one and just enjoy what it can do for your photographs!

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Scrapbook Layout | June’s Promise

Hello!! Happy Sunday! It’s quite a lovely summer day here, with a nice cool breeze flowing.

Today I wanted to share a new layout. This rose bush in the backyard always starts blooming early in June, and is almost 40 years old! It never fails to impress, and also is a sweet reminder that love never fails…

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