Craft Room Summer Refresh

Hello!I don’t know about you, but it’s time for a new season, I love to freshen up my space. When I stir things up, it seems to renew my creativity as well. Here’s a look at my craft space, all ready for summer crafting!Craft Room Summer Refresh | Created by Jen BlogI recently added (stole, he he) this cute three-shelf bookcase with doors from my mom! She bought a new piece of furniture, so I got to thinking that it would make a beautiful display case for some of my planners & albums. This piece is almost twenty years old, but it really looks like new! It’s the perfect size for this corner of my room, and I’m crazy about how it looks in here!Craft Room Summer Refresh | Created by Jen BlogHere’s a look inside the bookcase…Craft Room Summer Refresh | Created by Jen BlogI am loving all things acrylic these days! This is a cute tray from Target on top of one of my washi containers from Michael’s.Craft Room Summer Refresh | Created by Jen BlogWhen it comes to my bookcases, I struggle between loading them up (as space is limited for all my supplies), and creating cute vignettes. I think I am reaching a happy medium with this display.Craft Room Summer Refresh | Created by Jen BlogThe tassel garland adds just enough sparkle & color!Craft Room Summer Refresh | Created by Jen BlogMy favorite shelfย  ๐Ÿ™‚Craft Room Summer Refresh | Created by Jen Blog

Craft Room Summer Refresh | Created by Jen BlogMy Planner Society wall display…Craft Room Summer Refresh | Created by Jen BlogHope you enjoyed a look at my craft space! Thanks for stopping by!heart_jen

Workspace Wednesday Storage Solutions | Part 8 | Desk Tour!

Hello! Today, as the final part of my Workspace Wednesday series, I wanted to share a special place in my craft room where all the magic happens, my desk!

Workspace Wednesday | Desk Tour | JM Creates Blog

My desk is very special, as it is an antique piece of furniture that once belonged to my grandparents, and is a place where I played when I was a child! It used to have the standard brown wood finish, but a few years ago my mom refinished it for me with a glossy white paint. It’s a small desk, but I have so many great memories attached to it, so it’s my favorite piece of furniture in my room.


On my desk is a carousel from Michaels. It’s terrific for holding all my must-have tools at hand.


I change out the decor on my desk all the time! Right now I have a pen cup holding all my precious pens from The Planner Society and a couple other favorite pens. I also have my Prima Sophie TN on my desk, because, it’s gorgeous to look at!


Next to those is a small file folder holder from TJ Maxx that I store current favorite Planner Society goodies in.

Workspace Wednesday | Desk Tour | JM Creates Blog

There is always a planner or two on my desk everyday!

Workspace Wednesday | Desk Tour | JM Creates Blog

Inside my desk drawers is a huge mess of things! ๐Ÿ˜‚ But seriously, I keep a my hard drives, washi card, notebooks, paper trimmer, and other tools in here.

Workspace Wednesday | Desk Tour | JM Creates Blog

Here’s my view…




I hope this post and my other posts in the series have inspired you a little to help with your storage challenges or to just clean up your space a little! I know looking at others’ craft spaces always inspires me to change things up!

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Coming soon: a full look at my crafty space!

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Workspace Wednesday

Hello! I have been wanting to do a walk-through of my scrap/planning/craft/office space for about a year now. And, I still want to do one, but then I always want to change something around in my room, so I don’t, and well, here we are. But, I did take a few photos of specific nooks in my room, so I though I would share them today!

I love my desk. It actually belonged to my grandparents. I remember sitting at it when I was a little girl. It seemed a lot bigger back then, but sometimes that’s how it is, isn’t it? It used to be a brown wood color, but my mom painted it a glossy white for me.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚Home Office | Jen Manis CreatesMy fancy new chair (from Marshall’s). My Creative Space | Jen Manis CreatesI bought the matching ottoman first, last year from Home Goods. I have been searching for a new chair, and when I found the one above & saw how it matched my ottoman perfectly, well, I was sold!My Creative Space | Jen Manis CreatesThe view from here. My Creative Space | Home Office | Jen Manis CreatesPrinter and planner bookcase (from Hobby Lobby).Home Office | Jen Manis CreatesI love anything shabby chic!Home Office Details | Jen Manis CreatesQuick glance at my large white bookcases…My Creative Space | Home Office | Jen Manis CreatesA little vignette on my bookcase that I love!Creative Space Details | Jen Manis CreatesMy happy place…Creative Space | Home Office | Scrap Room | Jen Manis CreatesI still want to do a more in depth look into my space, but I hope you enjoyed a quick look today!

Thanks for stopping by!heart_jen