Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018

Hello! Happy Monday!

Well, this past weekend was the annual Stamp & Scrapbook Expo here in my town, and I had such a good time! I took a couple classes, and did some shopping too!

As much as I love shopping at Michaels, JoAnn’s, etc., there’s nothing like a whole arena dedicated to the things you love to work with. There’s so much to choose from, from the latest paper collections, to novelty items for scrapbooking. Although, I wish there was a little more planner stuff to choose from…

Here’s a little look into my weekend! First up is a peek at my haul! 😍Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogI like taking photos of the signs they had waiting for all of us throughout the John S. Knight Center.Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen Blog

It was all about the washi for me this year!Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogThese are the paper collections I picked up…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogAnd some embellishments…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogI love the Latest & Greatest series of classes they offer- the photo below shows my haul! All from a single class!! It’s like Christmas, for real.Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogThe other class I took was an Intro to Bible Journaling, hosted by a local bookstore. I have really been intrigued by bible journaling for such a long time now, so I jumped right in! More on this adventure in my next post…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogA larger view of my haul…Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2018 | Created by Jen BlogI had such an amazing time- and I can’t wait until next year!IMG_7239

IMG_7241Thanks for stopping by today!

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2017 Scrapbook Expo Review | Akron, OH


Last weekend, I attended the Akron, OH Stamp & Scrapbook Expo (for the third year in a row!!). I just wanted to share my haul with you all…

My haul literally took up half of my bed. Soooo much goodness. There were less than 25 vendors, but the ones that were there were pretty current with their selection. Definitely more “planner” related items than I remember last year- and I even took a planner class. Yay!2017 Akron, OH Stamp & Scrapbook Expo | JM CreatesMy favorite purchases were the crystal pens and the washi. I gotta have all the washi!2017 Akron, OH Stamp & Scrapbook Expo | JM Creates

Some of my haul from my classes… they hook you up with the latest & greatest products! I wish I would have taken a couple more classes…

Memories… I can’t wait until next year’s show!

Have you ever attended one of the Stamp & Scrapbook Expos?

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Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2016

This past weekend was the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Akron, OH. This is the second year the show has come to town. I love having a show like this in my backyard, basically! There were over 20 vendors on the show floor, and I also took a couple of classes. It’s really hard to go back to real life after having so much fun at the show all weekend! Scrappy withdrawal, I call it.  🙂

I got a ton of stuff… but I have to say, we have the big craft stores here, but there is nothing like going to a place that is all dedicated to paper crafts. It makes me really miss stores like Archivers.  😦  There is just something about seeing, smelling, and handling the paper and other products in person. It can also be more dangerous for your wallet! I also saw the Carpe Diem planners in person for the first time! I didn’t break down & buy one yet because I wanted to see them in person, and there are a couple colors I was looking for in particular that they didn’t have. Dodged that bullet! There wasn’t a lot of planner things represented, but I could see potential in certain items, so I am going to make them work in my planners!

Here are a few photos from the event, and my haul!


Below: Haul from the Collections class!

Below: That same class gave us the Paige Evans Take Me Away collection! All the heart eyes!

Below: One of our class projects, using the Shimelle Starshine collection.

Below: My haul from both days. Whoa!!

I already know the show is coming back next October… so it’s time to start saving up again!

Thanks for coming to my town, Stamp & Scrapbook Expo! See you next time!

Scrap Sunday | Scrap Expo Edition

Hey there! Happy first weekend of July! Hope your 4th was fun and relaxing. We actually had nice (not rainy) weather here, so we went out & enjoyed it.

Today I wanted to share the projects I made at the Scrap Expo from last week. I am still in withdraw from the event! The first layout is just a recap of photos from the Expo, and the other two are the ones I made in one of the classes. I always scrap solo, so scrapping among other ladies who enjoy this hobby as much as I do is a different and rewarding feeling!

Thanks for stopping by & have a wonderful first week of July!