Flashback Friday | Scrapbook Layout


I’m going to start a new feature here on Fridays. I have a huge backlog of scrapbook layouts, some I’ve shared, some not. I want to incorporate some more of my scrapbooking love here on the blog though. I will pick a favorite layout (or two) every week and share it with you all! Sometimes I’ll share because I loved the photo I used, or I might have used supplies or a technique I liked. I hope you enjoy and are inspired as I am again!

This layout is from 2016.

New Scrapbook Pages!

I meant to post this on Saturday last week, International Scrapbook Day, but I was busy scrapbooking instead, so I guess that makes it okay.Β  πŸ™‚

I have found a new rhythm when it comes to scrapbooking. I started scrapping in an 8×8 format. It’s still big enough for photos and a few cute embellishments, but not too overwhelming of a space. I like the idea of scrapping in a traveler’s notebook, because it’s a contained space, but I need to see that square space in front of me, like a plain sheet of cardstock.

Here’s a few recent pages I’ve made!New Scrapbook Pages | Created by Jen BlogCreated by Jen BlogNew Scrapbook Pages | Created by Jen BlogNew Scrapbook Pages | Created by Jen BlogNew Scrapbook Pages | Created by Jen Blogheart_jen

Happy November!

November Scrapbook LayoutI just love November! Not just because of my birthday, or Thanksgiving, or the beginning of the holiday season, but because it’s a time to slow down in a sense and appreciate the year for what it’s been and where I want to go. I treasure the cooler, shorter days and how mother nature is wrapping up the growing season. Some things end, and some are just beginning.

May the changing seasons be good to you all!heart_jen

New Summer Scrapbook Pages

I have a few new scrapbook pages to share today! I am trying to get back into a scrapbooking mood, and I like how these layouts turned out!

On each of these layouts, I used repurposed dashboards from an old Happy Planner that I didn’t use for planning. These floral dashboards are gorgeous!

This layout features me!Β  πŸ™‚Summer Scrapbook PagesThis is my pretty girl Athena…Summer Scrapbook PagesCurrent picture of my craft room…Summer Scrapbook Pagesheart_jen