New Scrapbook Pages!

I meant to post this on Saturday last week, International Scrapbook Day, but I was busy scrapbooking instead, so I guess that makes it okay.Β  πŸ™‚

I have found a new rhythm when it comes to scrapbooking. I started scrapping in an 8×8 format. It’s still big enough for photos and a few cute embellishments, but not too overwhelming of a space. I like the idea of scrapping in a traveler’s notebook, because it’s a contained space, but I need to see that square space in front of me, like a plain sheet of cardstock.

Here’s a few recent pages I’ve made!New Scrapbook Pages | Created by Jen BlogCreated by Jen BlogNew Scrapbook Pages | Created by Jen BlogNew Scrapbook Pages | Created by Jen BlogNew Scrapbook Pages | Created by Jen Blogheart_jen

Planning without Plans

Stay home and craft. I’ve been (loosely) trying to do that since we got our stay at home order last month. What happens when you love to plan ahead and decorate your planner accordingly? Well, I’m still enjoying decorating my planners with #allthestickers, but I’m using my planners a bit differently these days.Planning without Plans | Created by Jen BlogPlanning without Plans | Created by Jen BlogInstead of writing in plans, because well, there aren’t many for me, I’ve been making checklists daily. This seems to help me stay on track in terms of accomplishing at least a few things each day. It also helps to separate the days, because they are running into each other!Planning without Plans | Created by Jen BlogI’m still using my big Recollections planner (yay!), but that doesn’t mean that I’m not playing with other formats, like traveler’s notebooks, etc. At the end of each day, I’m still coming back to my main planner I decided on for 2020. In a way, it makes everything feel a little normal and familiar. Before too long my planner will be filled with work schedules and appointments again, but for now I’m making my planner work for me!Planning without Plans | Created by Jen Blogheart_jen

Recollections Planner Weekly Spread | My Birthday Week!

I’m stopping by today to share my new weekly spread! It’s a really special week, because next Saturday is my birthday! I wanted a party themed layout, and I love how it turned out! I used some Mambi stickers from the Rongrong Seasonal sticker book. I also threw in some florals from the Mambi Fun Florals sticker book to add some extra pink. You can never have too much pink! πŸ™‚My Birthday Week! | Recollections Weekly SpreadIMG_3225IMG_3227My Birthday Week! | Recollections Weekly Spreadheart_jen

Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads

I’m so sorry, I’ve been a bad blogger recently!! I found myself more busy than usual, and the blog took the hit this time. I hope to make up for it by sharing a roundup of the recent planner spreads I’ve created. I have been using all sorts of different planners and layouts to see what I connect with right now… and it’s not been a successful experiment! I feel like I fell off the planner wagon when I left my Mini HP in August, and I’m working on getting things back in line, because this is the busiest time of the year, and I really need my planner to keep me in line!

I’m also sorry the photo quality is all over the place. I’ve been experimenting with my big camera vs. my phone and filters… and you can tell! Stick with me, I have to get it together soon!Β  πŸ™‚

  1. Dashboard extension pack monthly spread featuring the OG Glam Girl stickers!Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads2. Dashboard extension pack weekly spread featuring stickers from the Farmhouse book. I really, really thought I would like this layout and have been searching for it for forever, but now that I have it, it’s just meh to me.Β  😦Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads3. My Recollections hourly planner featuring stickers from the Socialite sticker book.Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads4. A Fauxbonichi spread using stickers from the Miss Maker sticker book.Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads5. Another Fauxbonichi spread, this time using stickers from the Botanicals sticker book.IMG_2875Thanks for sticking with me! I’ll try to be back soon with more regular content!heart_jen