The Planner Society A5 Planner


I was excited to pick up one of these Planner Society A5 planners that were recently offered on their website. This is a planner from 2016/2017. I did not buy one of these when they were first offered. I didn’t need a new planner right now, of course. But, it looks quite lovely on my bookshelf. πŸ₯°

Now, this planner is “imperfect”. Mine has warps and the binder rings were not placed properly, but I love the aesthetic of this planner, which matches the current March box. I can deal with the flaws. I still set it up the day I got it in the mail! I’m contemplating taking the rings out and just using it as a binder, but I haven’t just yet. πŸ˜‰

A little washi dashboard I made using TPS washi

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Weekly Planner Spread | Mother’s Day Week πŸŽ€

Hello! I can’t believe it’s MAY!

Mother’s Day is next weekend, so I dolled my weekly spread up with some pretty Planner Society supplies. I used the latest (March) kit, including the washi, stickers, and sticky note (the large pretty dress!). The random little bows are stickers by Maggie Holmes and the box stickers are by Fancy Plans.

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New Weekly Planner Spread


I wanted to share my new weekly spread for the last week of April today. This Saturday is the Kentucky Derby, which is on my bucket list of things to attend someday, so I was inspired to use that as my theme for the week.

I used some recent goodies I bought from The Planner Society. I love this pony washi, and I used some unicorn and floral die cuts. I realize unicorns aren’t a part of the Derby, πŸ€ͺ but it’s my planner and I’ll decorate it how I want! The blue boxes are from Fancy Plans.

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The Planner Society March/April 2021 Box


Today I wanted to share the newest Planner Society box with you all! I literally love everything about this box! It’s a reprise from the April 2016 designs. I didn’t subscribe back then, so I’m so excited to have this kit and designs now! It’s so girly and floral, with a touch of black to really make it look sophisticated. I love the clear pocket traveler’s notebook that was included (with 3 inserts too!). I think I need to decorate it and use it on the go. ☺️

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Floral Weekly Spread

I think if I could, I would have florals on each and every weekly spread. 😜 I almost do already!

I had this blue and pink and holo combination in mind for this week’s spread. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it until I didn’t look at it for a couple of days after I created it. I think I actually like it! The holo foil makes it better to me.

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New Spring Planner Weekly Spread

Hello! Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!

I’m back today with a new weekly spread in my Happy Planner. This week’s spread is a combination of a lot of things 😜 and shops, like sticky notes, stamps, and die cuts from The Planner Society. I also included a little washi from Love, Charmaine. A new addition to my stash is the Functional Pastels sticker book from Fancy Plans. I love this book! 😍 My layout is a little extra, but I think it all works together. If not, it’s only for a week, then I can literally just turn the page!

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