My Planner Roundup and History


So, I was going through my closet and found all my planners from when I was a teenager! I tend to look at my planner hobby as a new fad, but it actually started a long time ago… like 20 years ago!

I thought it would be fun to to a planner roundup of all my planners throughout the years. I may do another roundup and show what’s inside later, maybe a video? That might be fun.


First up, my Wilson’s Leather planner from 1996. Remember Wilson’s? I don’t even think they are around anymore. I don’t have a lot of memories associated with my early planners, except for this one, because my grandpa bought it for me.

Next, is a fun candy style planner. Probably from Claire’s or Afterthoughts I’m guessing. 1997.

This is my only furry, fuzzy planner! Fun!! 1998.

This is a sweet, little blue floral planner. 1999.

Here’s my little black planner with a floral/vine design. 2000.

I’m not much of an animal print kind of girl, but I must have been having a leopard moment in 2001!

My cute and tiny planner! 2002.

I didn’t appear to actually ever use this funky little butterfly planner, but the inserts indicate it’s from 2001.

VERA BRADLEY 2009-2014

I took a few years off from planning, and then I got back into it when Vera Bradley came out with planners. These first two are 2009 and 2010, and they are both ring-bound.

Spiral-bound. 2011-2012.

Spiral-bound. 2013-2014.


When I first saw these planners at Target, I loved the simple design of them. They are slim, yet you can fit so much in them. I used these when I was back in school. So easy to carry around. And gold foiling? Sold!


This is the tiniest version that was for sale in summer 2015. I loved the size, the stickers, the design. It’s so cute. The only thing I don’t like is how bulky the sprial binding is. I have thought about unbinding it… I’m not brave enough to try yet.  🙂


I first starting hearing about these memory planners in spring of 2015. When I actually saw them in person, I loved the concept! I use these to add photos from each week and some thoughts. So beautiful!! These are both A5 size.


Both of these are the personal size. I love, love, love them!! I hyperventilated when I saw them in person at Joann’s!!  I like the compact size (although I wouldn’t mind trying out an A5…) because I can take them anywhere. The colors are gorgeous. I use the gold one for an everyday planner and the rose gold one is for my creative planning.

I also got a Traveler’s Notebook from Webster’s pages. It’s lovely. It’s well made and you can pack a lot into it. I am starting to use this one for thoughts, ideas, lists. Whatever I can think of. It’s too pretty not to use everyday!


I first heard about this planner on Instagram. I loved watching YouTube videos of people filming the display in the store. I love when there is a big hoopla over creative things! I was excited to find them in person. The hardest part for me was choosing a color! I use this one for work/design projects. I want another, I think.

Thanks so much for reading this far! I love planners, and it’s safe to say I pretty much always have! I think i would love to add a Kate Spade planner to my collection someday. I feel like planners are great investments, and they help keep you organized. Double win.

Happy Planning!

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