Welcome Back to my Blog!

As I mentioned in my post from Easter, I am excited to get back into blogging, especially right now when so much is going on in our world. I want to bring a little distraction to all that news and get back into crafting and photographing and sharing it all. Created by Jen Blog

As a little re-introduction, I am Jen, and I have been a scrapbooker since 2006. I joined the online scrapbooking world in 2008, and I was so excited to find others like me who love photos and paper!

Created by Jen Blog

I started my decorative planning journey in 2015. Again, what a great community the planning community is as well! That’s what this blog is all about. I hope you enjoy your time here with me!

Created by Jen BlogMy happy place!  🙂Created by Jen Blogheart_jen



Visit my new blog!

It’s LIVE!!

I created a new blog, called With Grace and Feathers, because I’m starting a new chapter of my life, and my blog should reflect that. It’s not “done”, but it’s up & running, and please ignore any bugs. I’ve added several new posts there, so check it out if you would!  😊

{sneak peek}

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 6.11.56 PM

I have a new vision for my blog, but don’t worry, I’m leaving this one right here for future inspiration. I’ve been learning to leave my old “baggage” behind, and while blog posts may not be considered baggage to some, it’s best for me to start fresh after 10 years.

I hope you’ll join me in this new adventure and visit often!

Click here– With Grace and Feathers by Jen Manis


Nine Years of Blogging!

On June 14, 2009, I created my very first blog post! I can’t believe so many years have went by. I still enjoy creating content for this place, and I love looking back at my old posts to see what I was doing way back when. I am a very introverted person, so it’s still kind of funny to know I can use my words and photos so freely in this space.

I began my blog as a place to share all my scrapbooking creations.  I love sharing my planners these days!

Thank you all for visiting my corner of the web! I plan on continuing adding planning, scrapbooking, and decor content to this site, so if you enjoy those things, keep on watching this space!  🙂Created by Jen Blog

Created by Jen Blog

Created by Jen BlogI wanted to freshen up my site a little, so here’s my new logo! I also changed my Instagram handle to @createdby.jen. Follow me there too!

Created by Jen BlogThanks for joining me on this blogging journey!

8 Years!

Just a little note that today marks my 8th anniversary of starting my blog! I started Jenna’s Wonderland at a Blogspot address in 2009, and now I love my space here at Jen Manis Creates.

I can’t believe it’s been so long! I still enjoy sharing my crafty adventures, and can’t wait to see what’s next on my journey at my space on the web!

I thought I’d re-introduce myself to you all today with 5 things about me.

  1. I love all things related to scrapbooking, memory keeping, and planning. I have been scrapbooking since 2006.
  2. Scrapbooking led me to where I am today. I fell in love with design and photography, so I went back to school a few years ago and pursued a degree in those things!
  3. I have four beautiful little birds, who talk up a storm and keep me entertained daily! I’ve had parrots my entire life, in fact!
  4. I am an old soul. Don’t get me wrong, I love modern day conveniences (hello internet!), but I think I was meant for another era. I am inspired by the 20’s, 40’s and 50’s.
  5. I am a very proud introvert. People have tried to change me my whole life, but I am who I was meant to be!

Thanks for stopping by today & every time! Here’s to the next 8 years!