Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads

I’m so sorry, I’ve been a bad blogger recently!! I found myself more busy than usual, and the blog took the hit this time. I hope to make up for it by sharing a roundup of the recent planner spreads I’ve created. I have been using all sorts of different planners and layouts to see what I connect with right now… and it’s not been a successful experiment! I feel like I fell off the planner wagon when I left my Mini HP in August, and I’m working on getting things back in line, because this is the busiest time of the year, and I really need my planner to keep me in line!

I’m also sorry the photo quality is all over the place. I’ve been experimenting with my big camera vs. my phone and filters… and you can tell! Stick with me, I have to get it together soon!Β  πŸ™‚

  1. Dashboard extension pack monthly spread featuring the OG Glam Girl stickers!Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads2. Dashboard extension pack weekly spread featuring stickers from the Farmhouse book. I really, really thought I would like this layout and have been searching for it for forever, but now that I have it, it’s just meh to me.Β  😦Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads3. My Recollections hourly planner featuring stickers from the Socialite sticker book.Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads4. A Fauxbonichi spread using stickers from the Miss Maker sticker book.Roundup of Recent Planner Spreads5. Another Fauxbonichi spread, this time using stickers from the Botanicals sticker book.IMG_2875Thanks for sticking with me! I’ll try to be back soon with more regular content!heart_jen

My Top 10 Planner Spreads of 2018

Hello! It’s the last day of the year! It’s so hard to believe, but I’m ready for the new year too! I’m always up for a fresh start.

Today I just wanted to take a quick look back at my favorite planner spreads of 2018. It’s a mix of a couple Classic Happy Planners and my Mini Happy Planner featured here.


1. My favorite spread of the year (in my Mini HP) was inspired by a spread I saw on YouTube. I still love how this looks so much!Top 10 Planner Spreads of 2018 | Created by Jen Blog2. A Classic HP spread from April. Stickers are from Maggie Holmes’ sticker book. I love the florals.Top 10 Planner Spreads of 2018 | Created by Jen Blog3. Classic HP spread from late June. Stickers are a mixture of Planner Society and Glam Girl. Gimme all the pink.Top 10 Planner Spreads of 2018 | Created by Jen Blog4. Valentine’s spread. I used Heidi Swapp stickers for this week. I love the hot pink. Top 10 Planner Spreads of 2018 | Created by Jen Blog5. Spread from March. I have fallen for anything black & white over the past year, and I incorporated it into my planner. I used Maggie Holmes sticker book again.Top 10 Planner Spreads of 2018 | Created by Jen Blog6. Another Mini HP spread. I loved putting tons of stickers (Maggie Holmes again) down the center. I love how it looks.Top 10 Planner Spreads of 2018 | Created by Jen Blog7. An April spread using Heidi Swapp again, plus some classic black & white stripes.Top 10 Planner Spreads of 2018 | Created by Jen Blog8. A spread from my Classic Student HP. This is a fall spread featuring some Squad Goals stickers. I like the festive stickers running across the pages.Top 10 Planner Spreads of 2018 | Created by Jen Blog9. A recent holiday spread featuring This Well Planned Life stickers. I love the color scheme. IMG_864710. Finally, my Christmas week spread. I love the large Merry Christmas sticker. Top 10 Planner Spreads of 2018 | Created by Jen BlogThat’s it for today! I want to wish you a Happy New Year & I hope you’ll stick around with me for 2019 and more planning!heart_jen

Happy Planner Weekly Spread | July 23-29

Hello! I’m so excited to share my weekly spread in my Classic Size Glam Girl Happy Planner today! This week’s layout is a mashup of the Simply Gilded washi collab with The Planner Sophisticate, some Planner Society stickers, and a few Mambi stickers as well.

I love how this turned out! It’s pink, gray, and girly!Happy Planner Weekly Spread feat. Simply Gilded | Created by Jen BlogI love this washi!! I thought the TPS stickers (from the December 2017 kit) were the perfect complement.IMG_6012I didn’t even realize the words on this washi were a reference to Harry Potter, but I love what they say. πŸ’πŸ» #notapotterheadHappy Planner Weekly Spread feat. Simply Gilded | Created by Jen BlogI can’t get enough of the Mambi Colorful Boxes sticker book. I may have to pick another one up when Michaels has another sale.IMG_6014Another one of my birds is having a birthday next week! Moe is the baby of the family.Β  πŸ™‚IMG_6015These purple discs are heaven!Happy Planner Weekly Spread feat. Simply Gilded | Created by Jen BlogWell, I’m still undecided about how to keep Glam Girl going through the rest of the year. I am toying with the idea of dropping my Recollections hourly, and converting Glam Girl for this purpose. We’ll see what happens!

Thanks for stopping by!heart_jen

Happy Planner Weekly Spread | July 16-22

Hello! It’s almost time for a new week, which means it’s time for a new weekly spread!

This one is a new favorite. I used the Mambi Everyday Memories, Colorful Boxes, and Squad Goals sticker books for this layout. The florals were my starting point, and I love how they look.Happy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogHappy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogOne of my little birds has a birthday this week, so I had to note that!Β  πŸ™‚Happy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogGive me #alltheflowers! That Squad Goals girl is so cute too!Happy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogSummer dreaming…Happy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogThanks for stopping by today!heart_jen

Happy Planner Weekly Spread | July 9-15

Hello! It’s been waaaay too hot here, but summer goes by so quickly, I’m trying to enjoy it while it’s here!

I wanted to share my new weekly spread today, so here we go!

I bought some new washi at Hobby Lobby recently, so I built my spread around it. I love the eyelashes (of course), but the washi at the bottom of my pages looks like leopard print sunglasses, so I added the leopard element in a lot here.Happy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogHappy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogAny chance I get to use my Glam Girl rose gold stickers, I do!IMG_5657Happy Planner Weekly Spread | Created by Jen BlogThanks for stopping by today!heart_jen

Mid-Year Planner Lineup

Hello! It’s July… so you know what that means! New planners! Well, I actually only have one new planner in this lineup, but I am shaking up my planner system a little, just to keep things fresh.

Here’s my #plannerstack…Mid-Year Planner Lineup | Created by Jen BlogMy first & favorite planner (shh! don’t tell the others!), the Classic Glam Girl Happy Planner. She’s my everything planner. I decorate, memory plan, and finish each day with this planner. If no other planners existed, this one would be the only one I need for the year.

But, of course, I enjoy other planners, so, here’s the next one in my lineup. This is the Classic Trendsetter Happy Planner I use for blog & social media planning. I still am loving this planner. I am constantly updating how I use this planner to make it most productive for me. I still dig the quilted hard cover too.

This is the newest planner to my collection. I bought the new Recollections Hourly Planner, which I have used since last summer, but I love this edition even more. This planner is not imperative for my daily planning, but I enjoy recording my days & seeing how I spent my time, so it stays in the lineup. I have also been decorating it more, which makes me happy! I added my favorite Erin Condren cover to it. I just love looking at it.

I re-purposed my Classic Daydreamer Happy Planner to become my faith planner. I really, really like using the horizontal layout for this purpose. The vertical faith planner I had been using kind of cramped my journaling style. I used to use this as a memory planner with photos of each week, but I found a new home for that idea (keep reading…). I love the Daydreamer planner for all things related to faith. It’s bright & happy and I want to open this planner every day and journal.

Finally, this is my beloved Mini Happy Planner. I retired her for a little, but she’s so cute, I had to find a purpose for her! Using her as a weekly memory keeper is perfect. The photos from my Sprocket printer will fit great in here, and serve as a cute record of each week of the rest of the year. The Daydreamer planner was just too big for how I wanted to make it work, so my Mini returns! I also recently bought her a slick black hard cover too, and it looks great with the pink metal discs!

Alright, is that enough planners to keep up with? Lol. It doesn’t overwhelm me though. I love all these planners and the purpose they serve in my everyday and weekly life.Β  I’m not afraid to change it up if it stops working for me.

Thanks for stopping by today, and what does your mid-year lineup look like?