Mid-Year Planner Lineup

Hello! It’s July… so you know what that means! New planners! Well, I actually only have one new planner in this lineup, but I am shaking up my planner system a little, just to keep things fresh.

Here’s my #plannerstack…Mid-Year Planner Lineup | Created by Jen BlogMy first & favorite planner (shh! don’t tell the others!), the Classic Glam Girl Happy Planner. She’s my everything planner. I decorate, memory plan, and finish each day with this planner. If no other planners existed, this one would be the only one I need for the year.

But, of course, I enjoy other planners, so, here’s the next one in my lineup. This is the Classic Trendsetter Happy Planner I use for blog & social media planning. I still am loving this planner. I am constantly updating how I use this planner to make it most productive for me. I still dig the quilted hard cover too.

This is the newest planner to my collection. I bought the new Recollections Hourly Planner, which I have used since last summer, but I love this edition even more. This planner is not imperative for my daily planning, but I enjoy recording my days & seeing how I spent my time, so it stays in the lineup. I have also been decorating it more, which makes me happy! I added my favorite Erin Condren cover to it. I just love looking at it.

I re-purposed my Classic Daydreamer Happy Planner to become my faith planner. I really, really like using the horizontal layout for this purpose. The vertical faith planner I had been using kind of cramped my journaling style. I used to use this as a memory planner with photos of each week, but I found a new home for that idea (keep reading…). I love the Daydreamer planner for all things related to faith. It’s bright & happy and I want to open this planner every day and journal.

Finally, this is my beloved Mini Happy Planner. I retired her for a little, but she’s so cute, I had to find a purpose for her! Using her as a weekly memory keeper is perfect. The photos from my Sprocket printer will fit great in here, and serve as a cute record of each week of the rest of the year. The Daydreamer planner was just too big for how I wanted to make it work, so my Mini returns! I also recently bought her a slick black hard cover too, and it looks great with the pink metal discs!

Alright, is that enough planners to keep up with? Lol. It doesn’t overwhelm me though. I love all these planners and the purpose they serve in my everyday and weekly life.  I’m not afraid to change it up if it stops working for me.

Thanks for stopping by today, and what does your mid-year lineup look like?


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