Workspace Wednesday Storage Solutions | Part 2

Hello! Welcome back for another installment of my storage solutions series. This week is all about washi! There are so many different ways you can store your washi stash.

The main way I’ve found that helps me keep my collection in check is this storage organizer from Michaels. I actually have three of them side by side in my main bookcase. The best part is, is they are stackable if you’re working with a vertical space. Workspace Wednesday | Washi Storage Solutions | JM Creates BlogWorkspace Wednesday | Washi Storage Solutions | JM Creates BlogWhile I love my organizers, I also love seeing my collection in the open. My Planner Society washis are in this cute pink bin on the right in the picture below. I also have a couple cute tiny bowls with my favorite washis sitting on my computer desk. Seeing your favorite things may actually inspire you to use your supplies! Washi is one of those supplies that rarely runs out- so don’t be afraid to use it either!!Workspace Wednesday | Washi Storage Solutions | JM Creates BlogHope this gives you a few ideas for your washi storage! I’ll be back with some more fun solutions for your stash next Wednesday!heart_jen

3 responses to “Workspace Wednesday Storage Solutions | Part 2”

  1. Love your organizer


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