Happy Planner!

Hi there! Happy Sunday! We are a week into August already! It always surprises me how quickly summer goes.

One thing I have been using to document my summer days is my new Happy Planner! Well, I actually ended up with two. I bought the Hello, Life style in both the classic size and the large size. I had some great coupons, plus I’ve been binging on Happy Planner videos on YouTube, thus I have new planners in my collection!

After much deliberation, I decided that the Happy Planner would suit the way I’ve been planning lately. I have tried A5 sizes and personal sized ring-bound planners, and coil-bound planners. coil-bound kind of get on my nerves because you can’t move stuff around (although I did figure a way around that…), and I am left-handed, so that coil gets in my way all the time! I need a system where I can add stuff and move it around frequently. Ring-bound works in that way. But, something was still missing.

I have been using a vertical planner for work this summer that I printed off a wonderful site, and I’ve found that I am definitely a vertical planner! I like writing up and down, not side to side. As for the ‘print it yourself’ option, I am ok with printing my own pages out, but the Happy Planner comes all ready to go. So…

I have looked at these Happy Planners, well, pretty much since they came out, but I was unsure about the disc system, and didn’t know what I would use in the large space it offers. I am using the classic size as an everyday planner, complete with stickers and a few photos. I want this planner to be the first one I open everyday to see what I need to do. I am using the large Happy Planner for work, and I bought one of the Martha Stewart covers for it so it doesn’t get all messed up in my travels.

It looks like I have three planners below, but I just put all the 2017 months in one planner together…

Put a bow on it…

I actually bought Happy Planner folders last fall, to put in my Heidi Swapp Memory Planner. I cut them down all proudly, and then I discovered the book became waaay too bulky with even one in it, so I took them out. I didn’t want to waste the ones I had already bought, so I just used some snap in tabs to reconnect it to my new Happy Planner! Problem fixed.

Some of my favorite sticky notes by Kelly Purkey

I got this planner the last week in July, so I played around with spreads, but this is the first “official” week I am planning in this planner!

So, this is my Happy Planner story. I am loving it so far, and I hope it keeps me organized for a very long time!  🙂

Read all about my planner history HERE!

Thanks for stopping by!

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