Stamp & Scrapbook Expo 2016

This past weekend was the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Akron, OH. This is the second year the show has come to town. I love having a show like this in my backyard, basically! There were over 20 vendors on the show floor, and I also took a couple of classes. It’s really hard to go back to real life after having so much fun at the show all weekend! Scrappy withdrawal, I call it.  🙂

I got a ton of stuff… but I have to say, we have the big craft stores here, but there is nothing like going to a place that is all dedicated to paper crafts. It makes me really miss stores like Archivers.  😦  There is just something about seeing, smelling, and handling the paper and other products in person. It can also be more dangerous for your wallet! I also saw the Carpe Diem planners in person for the first time! I didn’t break down & buy one yet because I wanted to see them in person, and there are a couple colors I was looking for in particular that they didn’t have. Dodged that bullet! There wasn’t a lot of planner things represented, but I could see potential in certain items, so I am going to make them work in my planners!

Here are a few photos from the event, and my haul!


Below: Haul from the Collections class!

Below: That same class gave us the Paige Evans Take Me Away collection! All the heart eyes!

Below: One of our class projects, using the Shimelle Starshine collection.

Below: My haul from both days. Whoa!!

I already know the show is coming back next October… so it’s time to start saving up again!

Thanks for coming to my town, Stamp & Scrapbook Expo! See you next time!

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