My Planner System for 2017

Hello! Happy Sunday!

Finally!! I think I have my planner system set up for now. I have many perfectly lovely planners, and I have been spending the past month & a half perfecting my planner system for my needs right now. So, I want to introduce you to my current planner stack:

I had a moment (ok a few weeks) when I didn’t know if I wanted to keep my classic size Happy Planner in my everyday stack. But, then I took it out of rotation, and I missed it. Then I looked through my past spreads, and I realized I love decorating a planner. While it needs to be functional as well, I love looking back at how I decorated my week, and what I did that week. Plus, I looove these rose gold rings. So, my Minty Fresh Happy Planner is back.

I use it kind of as a look back in my planner, that is I decorate it after the week is almost over. I know what has happened during the week, and therefore I can make it more aesthetically pleasing and add decoration where there are holes.

So where do I actually plan? I started a bullet journal. I love it! I just have a simple, black covered and lined journal, but I am not afraid to mess it up. I may get a Leuchtturm when I finish this journal (I think I would like dotted grid pages instead), but I am experimenting with this system in this cheap journal for now. I love how freeing it is to be able to change how my weekly spreads look, and add in random collections in the middle of everything. I am taking a lot of inspiration from Boho Berry, BlueLahe on IG, and the official bullet journal website right now.

I tried to start a bujo last summer, but I fell off the wagon because I got a Happy Planner. It was all about decorating after that.  🙂 But, I need a planner that can be flexible with my needs. I wanted a planner that could be a catch-all, but also one that I wasn’t afraid to get a little messy. And it is! My Happy Planner shows my week in a pretty way, while my bujo actually keeps me organized. Plus, I can change it to be anything I need it to be day to day, or week to week. I take it with me everywhere.

Here is my pretty Recollections planner. It is one of the larger sized ones Michaels carried at the end of last year. I originally wanted to use it as my memory planner, with photos, stickers, and such. But, as I completed the first two weeks of the year, I wasn’t feeling it. So, I turned it into my creative life planner a la Stephanie Howell. I plan and record what I want to complete on my blog, IG, scrapbooking, photography-wise, and miscellaneous creative tasks during the week. Not a lot of decorating going on here, and that may change as I get more comfortable in this planner, but it’s ok with me for now. It’s pretty on its own anyway!

Finally, here’s my Mini Happy Planner. It kind of picks up the slack. It is just so cute! I started using it as my creative life planner, but it was a tad too small for what I wanted to document. It is fun to put randomness from the week in it along with some fun stickers.

This is not technically a planner for me, but it is a new part of my creative routine, so I thought I would include it here. I am backing away from completing tons of 12X12 scrapbook layouts this year (running out of room!), so I am trying this Traveler’s Notebook system out. I will have another post just about this system later, but I am loving the smaller size to scrapbook in!

I don’t have them pictured, but I do also use a Large Happy Planner for work and a personal size Webster’s Pages planner for my financial plans.

Thanks for making it this far with me! More planner posts to come! Any questions, leave a comment below!

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