The Planner Society June Kit

Hello! Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to a nice, long weekend full of creating! It’s a struggle, because I have more energy (and sunlight) to play in the summer, but I also want to be outdoors. What do to?ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, I wanted to share June’s Planner Society Kit. I decided to subscribe in May because of the Palm Springs\planner girl vibes, but this moth’s kit is just as cute! I think I may have gone down a rabbit hole I won’t be able to get out of anytime soon. And have you seen the July sneak peeks? ๐Ÿ˜

So, anyway, here’s a look at the June kit and a few things I have put together with it. It’s so diverse! And, there’s so much product. It’s easy to decorate multiple planners and scrapbook with one single kit.

June Planner Society KIt | JM CreatesJune Planner Society Kit | JM CreatesJune Planner Society Kit | JM Creates

Do you subscribe to any kits, and how do you like them?

Thanks for stopping by today!heart_jen

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