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Hello! Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to share a fun new planner I picked up from Michael’s a few weeks ago. It’s a Recollection Mini Planner. It’s a very similar size to the Mini Happy Planner- which you may know that I just adore. What separates the Recollections brand apart however, is the addition of a vertical layout, which has been lacking from the Mini Happy Planner.

I ended up with two of them. I loved the Beautiful Chaos cover- but it had the standard horizontal layout. And the price on them was so cheap that I bought this one as well, just for the vertical layout, and I swapped the covers (another bonus!). Recollections Mini Spiral Planner | JM Creates BlogHere’s a peek at a few of the weekly layouts I have made so far. These planners are undated, so I went ahead and just set it up beginning in November. I don’t have any worry that another planner won’t come along before next fall.  🙂

Recollections Mini Spiral Planner | JM Creates Blog

Recollections Mini Spiral Planner | JM Creates Blog

Recollections Mini Spiral Planner | JM Creates BlogThe only criticism I have about these planners is that a lot of the dividers have nothing to do with the theme of the planner. It wouldn’t be a problem, but most of them are just not my style! So, I ended covering up some of them with scrapbook paper. Fixed that issue.

Recollections Mini Spiral Planner | JM Creates BlogOne more thing- I toyed around with the idea of uncoiling this planner and turning it into a Happy Planner style planner. And I did- after these photos were taken. I think it really turned out nice. Not perfect on my first attempt, but I’m ok with how it turned out. I will share new pics when I post new spreads here on the blog in the coming weeks. I figured out that I am not a coil planner. I’m going to try to refrain from buying any more of those types of planners. I am truly a Happy Planner kind of girl.

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