My 2018 Planner Lineup

Hello! This is a post I’ve been trying to write for a couple weeks now! My 2018 planner lineup is sorted out (for now!), so here’s a look at what I’m using to stay organized and to be creative this year. There are a lot of planners listed below, but keep in mind that not all of them are used every single day. Only two of them are. The others are for memory keeping or stay in my purse. I just have a love of beautiful planners, much like other people have a love of collecting books, movies, or shoes.

I am a Happy Planner Girl. I love trying new and different planners (rings, TN’s, spiral bound), but Happy Planners just simply work for me.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogMy main planner is the Glam Girl lined vertical Happy Planner. I love the lined weeks. The dividers are so girly, and so beautiful too. She’s my fave!!

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogAs much fun as the Glam Girl planner is, I love to play around with Frankenplanning too. There are just too many gorgeous planners and styles out there to just use one! So, inside my Glam Girl, I have also added the Happy Planner Trendsetter. It’s a monthly planner, so I am still playing around with different things to track in it.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogIn addition, I found the Daydreamer Happy Planner at Hobby Lobby for an insanely low price a couple weekends ago, so this one is my memory planner for the year. I will add photos from my Sprocket printer in each weekly spread and some embellishments. This planner is sooo gorgeous! I’m not a horizontal layout kind of planner, but for this purpose it will work for me.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogMy final Happy Planner for the year is my beloved Mini. I started using a Mini last year, and I love the small size. It is too little for all my planning needs (and I’ve tried to make it work!), but it’s great for quotes, gratitude or tracking purposes.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogNow for some more planners I will be using!

I have this lovely Kate Spade personal planner, and I have in the past taken this in my purse for quick references. I also had the Mini Recollections planner. I turned it into a Mini Happy Planner, but wasn’t crazy about it. So, I turned the cover into the opening dashboard in this personal planner. I love it!! As for the insides of the Mini Recollections planner, it is in my Mini Happy Planner as an alternative layout for my weekly spreads.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogA new addition is this beautiful Planner Society B6 TN that was included in the December kit. I am not good at using TN’s for everyday planning (maybe because I’m left-handed?). I’m going to make monthly inserts using my Planner Society kits and adding photos and memories from each month in it.

My 2018 Planner Lineup! | JM Creates BlogThe final planner I’ll be using is a Pocket TN. I’m expecting a new Planner Society one at the end of January, and I can really see it as an on-the-go purse planner. I’ve got the inserts ready to go!

Thanks for sticking with me until the end! What does your planner lineup look like?


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