Workspace Wednesday Storage Solutions Part 3 | Raskog Cart

Hello! Today is part 3 of my storage solution series, and it’s all about the Raskog Cart! This little cart is very famous in crafters’ offices all over the world! Mine is actually the Target version. It was super simple to assemble, and is very sturdy. It’s a great way to store all kinds of supplies!

I have a lot of different things on my cart, and I do sometimes change what’s on here, depending on my current crafting needs.

Storage Solutions | Raskog Cart | JM Creates Blog

On the top shelf, I store my favorite stickers and sticker books. I have my Happy Planner sitcker books, and the Happy Planner binders you see towards the back are the books I assembled myself, filled with Happy Planner sticker books that I took apart. I do sometimes regret that… so that’s why there are books in their original format at the front of the stack.  🙂

The craft binder and file folders at the very back and on the side have stickers from Etsy shops and printable sticker kits. IMG_2690#allthestickersStorage Solutions | Raskog Cart | JM Creates BlogIn addition to my stickers, on the top shelf I keep my big Happy Planner punch, as well as my A5 and personal planner punches from Michaels.Storage Solutions | Raskog Cart | JM Creates BlogOn the middle shelf, it’s kind of a collection of different things. On the right, I keep extra paper and old Mini Happy Planner supplies. Storage Solutions | Raskog Cart | JM Creates BlogOn the left, I keep a few of the small pencil cases from past Planner Society kits. They are filled with pens, stamps, and paper clips.Storage Solutions | Raskog Cart | JM Creates BlogFor the last shelf, I keep all my 6×6 paper pads, organized by designer and season. It keeps my papers handy, but also organized and out of the way.Storage Solutions | Raskog Cart | JM Creates BlogDo you own one of these carts? What do you keep on yours?

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