Workspace Wednesday Storage Solutions | Part 7 | Stamps

Hello! Welcome to another installment of my Storage Solution Series! This week is all about stamps.

Stamps are a very common supply for most crafters, scrapbookers, and even planners. How do you store the many types of stamps out there? Here’s what I do to contain my collection.

My clear acrylic stamps outnumber any other stamps in my collection. A few years ago, I put all these stamps in a large 3-ring binder. It’s easy, and doesn’t take up much room. I still have quite a few just hanging out in the pocket!How I Store My Stamps | JM Creates BlogHere’s a look at the binder…


I took all my clear acrylic stamps out of their original packaging because it was getting too difficult to store them and find the stamp I was looking for.

I found these hard plastic sheets (here’s a similar system) to put my stamps on. They just cling to the sheets. It is really hard to them on the sheets, so I put colorful cardstock in between. Plus, it keeps the stamps from sticking to the wrong sheet.

How I Store My Stamps | JM Creates BlogIf I had to do it all again, I would probably buy sleeves or stamp pockets to put all these stamps in, because one of the downsides to this organization is that you can’t really see the stamps when you’re looking for a particular collection, and it’s not as pleasing to look at as the pockets would be. But, this is what I have right now, and it is a convenient way to store a lot of stamps.How I Store My Stamps | JM Creates BlogI have a drawer full of my wooden block stamps, and extra ink pads.How I Store My Stamps | JM Creates BlogThese are my roller stamps. They are so pretty, so I have them in this organizer I found at TJ Maxx a few years ago.How I Store My Stamps | JM Creates BlogA few supplies to go with my stamps…

An acrylic block, ink, stamp cleaner, and a shammy. I just got the Lawn Fawn Shammy, so I can’t really review it yet, but I’ve heard it makes clean-up easier- which makes me want to stamp more!How I Store My Stamps | JM Creates BlogThe tools from above stay in my carousel on my desk.How I Store My Stamps | JM Creates BlogMy extra ink pads are housed in this plastic box. I think most of these ink pads actually came in the box.IMG_3536How I Store My Stamps | JM Creates BlogA couple of my vintage stamps- I should use these more often. They’re perfect for planners.How I Store My Stamps | JM Creates BlogThis is my vintage Heidi Swapp date stamper. I love that the years on it start last century!!IMG_3544I hope this gives you a few ideas!

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