My 2019 Planner Lineup!

Hello! It’s taken me a long time to sort through my planners to finally decide on a planner system for 2019. I wanted something simple that I could keep up with, but I also need that creative outlet. I love setting up & decorating planners. I hope you do too- that’s why you’re here, right?!  🙂

Here’s a look at my 2019 lineup…My 2019 Planner Lineup!My main everyday planner is a Mini Happy Planner. I love this small size. I can hop this planner right into my bag, it’s cute sitting on my desk. It’s perfect for my life right now. I use the monthly and weekly views in here, and I have a section for notes. I love making lists!  🙂My 2019 Planner Lineup!I still need to make proper dividers in my Mini, but I did add this cute Planner Society girl vellum and planner girl stickers.My 2019 Planner Lineup!My second planner is one that I’m bringing from my 2018 lineup. This is a Recollections hourly planner. It’s the size of an Erin Condren, hence the hacked EC cover on this planner.My 2019 Planner Lineup!This planner is just a way for me to reflect everyday on how I spent the day. It’s fun to decorate weekly too.My 2019 Planner Lineup!This next planner is my new Memory Planner. I started Memory Planning in a Happy Planner last year, and I loved it. I kept it up every single week. Yay!!My 2019 Planner Lineup!I love this layout. It’s vertical with lines, with a box on top of each day. I may decorate that section, or right down notes from a particular day- it will just depend I guess.

This is the first week of the year. I have room for some photos, thoughts, tip-ins, and deco. I am super excited to see how this planner goes throughout the year!My 2019 Planner Lineup!This is my final planner (for now!). I have to admit that I’m not using it regularly just yet, but that may change. I wanted to use it as a blog/social media planner, but I am also just loving making lists in my Mini HP for now. This planner is so gorgeous though, I’m sure I will use it at some point this year.My 2019 Planner Lineup!That’s it for now! Do you have your planner lineup set yet?heart_jen

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