Planner Haul!

Hello! I have a small planner haul to share today. I don’t go crazy with collecting scrapbooking/planner items anymore, like I did a long time ago. So, when I buy something, it means I really wanted it as part of my collection.

Storytime: I have been wanting this girl planner from The Planner Society since Christy first gave a  sneak peek back in July 2017. Yes, it’s been a long time coming! The planners came in February of 2018, and upon inspection, they found a lot of issues and inconsistencies with the planners. So, they refunded all the orders, including mine, and I was so sad. I thought this planner was perfect for me!

A few weeks back, they announced that they had went through all the planners, and found some that weren’t too damaged, but also were not perfect. They put them on sale for 50 percent off, so I snagged two of them! I picked up an A5 ring binder, and a pocket tn (my original choice from the first order that got canceled).

Oh my goodness! They are beautiful!  💞 The only imperfections I could find was a tiny bit of bubbling and glue on the pocket tn. I am so happy to have them in my planner collection.Planner Haul | Created by Jen BlogIMG_0408Here’s the beginning of my pocket tn setup…Planner Haul | Created by Jen BlogAnd here’s how I’ve started setting up my A5…IMG_0410IMG_0411Planner Haul | Created by Jen BlogHere’s a very tiny Mambi haul from Hobby Lobby. My store didn’t have much of the new stuff, but I was so happy to finally find the Farmhouse sticker book and one of the Micro Notes books. It really is so tiny, but so cute, in person!IMG_0363Thanks for stopping by today!heart_jen

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