Happy Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving prayer:

Thank you Lord, for this precious day of reflection. Thank you for all the abundance I have. Thank you for dreams come true. Thank you for protecting me from things that are not a piece of my destiny. Thank you for lessons learned. Thank you for all the people who cross my path. And for all the people who have left. When life feels heavy, You always seem to know how to make it lighter. I pray for peace this Thanksgiving. For my tiny piece of the world, and for everyone else too. This world is too full of hatred and greed. Let us be thankful for You Lord. Peace is only achieved through You.

Let us be grateful.


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Hi, I’m Jen! I’m an Ohio-raised creative soul. This blog is a collection of my favorite things: crafty goodness, memory keeping, planning, photography, faith, decor, birds and much more!


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